Inside The Bubble

One thing I didn’t mention about the other evening’s events at Paddles was the very good scene that Sandy and I had. Did I mention that it was good?

It’s something that we don’t do as often as we’d like especially in our noise unfriendly apartment. One of the benefits of the club before the big crowds start showing up is having our pick of nooks and corners of the place to play. There were two pretty good moments on Saturday night that I really want to mention because they’ve stuck with me.

The first was up on stage at the tail end of our talk. We did a short domestic discipline kind of scene with me giving her a bare bottomed spanking for one of the few real rules that we have set up between us. The scene was a lot of fun because there was good banter going on between us — not really angry but matter of fact about the reason for the punishment. Physically, it was the kind of spanking I love to give, with my hand and hard. Was it as hard as I can spank? I could probably go harder but I wasn’t looking to set any records. The main thing I love about spanking like that is the redness on the bottom where you can see the shape of my hand, thumb and all. Awesome to see.

The second scene was more private and just between the two of us. We went off to one of the semi-private alcoves for a session with a variety of implements including three different straps, a thin paddle, the hairbrush and my hand. It was a more intense scene as far as pain goes because I was really trying to get reactions and noise out of her. I wanted it to hurt and for her to be able to develop some headspace even if we were at Paddles. I know that somewhere during that scene, I clicked into my own version of headspace — something that’s great when it happens.

It’s a great feeling when you can play in public and have the whole of everything else be so distant. We know it’s there and that people are watching but it just doesn’t matter. I sort of hear what’s going on outside of the bubble that we’re creating at that moment but it’s muffled and I’m focusing my attention on that place, that time and that person. I love that sort of intensity but it requires the right mood to pull off and the right person to play with. Sandy and I are fortunate that we connect in that unspoken way. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s fantastic for me and hopefully her.


8 Responses to “Inside The Bubble”

  1. Why is a paddle a paddle and a flogger is a flogger but the hairbrush is the hairbrush? I wonder.

  2. Hairbrushes are the holy grail of domestic spanking, SD.. ( imho) To me they are, anyway. . They inspire fear and respect..and feeling like a very young “being”. Nothing gives me much more of a throb than being told that ‘my bare bottom deserves to feel the back of a wooden hairbrush’. Nope. They seem so benign and innocuous..they dont speak of formal S/M. But…they completely inhabit what a spanking is . Again, thats just me.

    @Rad, without intruding…can you elaborate on what a Tops headspace feels like…I imagine it’s much different with your wife than with merely a temporary ‘play partner’. I am just intrigued by the yin-yang idea of it…being that I know intimately what MY headspace feels like….

  3. A Tops headspace. I can only speak for myself but it’s that moment when I feel most in control of a scene — what’s happening is what I want to happen and the person I’m playing with is totally in tune with it. The world outside our little “bubble” blurs and fades into a strange distance. It’s still right there but sort of shifted into a side dimension for a brief time. It’s probably an endorphin high that I’m feeling but it’s this feeling of complete focus with the merest hint of an out-of-body experience.

    Now that I read what I wrote, sounds sort of mystical.

  4. are you on acid? lol. KIdding. thanks for the explanation. I THINK I know what you mean.

  5. I think he means he jzd in his pants.

    Yes, that WAS rude.

  6. @ Rad and Sand–In case you were wondering, most of us aren’t commenting because we are in awe. It’s not that this wasn’t a riveting post.

  7. Jas, omg..I was sorta thinking the same thing ( did it stop me though? no.)

    sorta like peeking through a keyhole into the ol boudoir or something.

    and Sandy, TOO funny. 😉

  8. Great post. That shimmery bubble is a rare and amazing place to be, and yeah, I didn’t have much to say, cause I was just here smiling and nodding and feeling the warm fuzzies.

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