Our Second Talk

Sandy and I did it last year and we were called back by TES to do it again this year.

We did a talk last year around this time for the TES spanking group about being a couple in a spanking relationship. We’ve been asked to do the same on the theme of “Romance and Spanking” which apparently we know something about (or so people are led to believe). Like last year, we are yet to prepare the list of topics we are going to discuss and are starting to panic. I think we did a pretty good job last year with the prep that we did do and I hope this time will be no different.

The thing is that I want it to be interesting. Telling the story of how we met and first played is all well and good but we’re going to have to go in depth a little more. Last year the topic of jealousy seemed to grab the audience so perhaps that might be something that newcomers or other interested parties would like to discuss. It is a good topic because it is such an obvious human emotion that can arise when a spanking couple also like to play with other people.

Another good topic might also be how to meet people — especially for those people who might be seeking and have yet to find someone. We can also talk about how our scene lives and vanilla lives mix — how the mundane aspects of daily life affect the kinky side. Maybe I should throw it out to the people reading this what they think might interest a group of spanking enthusiasts about a couple that’s into this.

Our main goal, as it was last year, is to be informative, friendly, inclusive of the audience and hopefully not dull as dirt.


19 Responses to “Our Second Talk”

  1. I SO wish I could be there! Good luck to the both of you! You’ll be great, I have no doubt, and I look forward to hearing all about it. 🙂

  2. I’m sure your talk will be really interesting. Good luck with it!

    On a stupid note: What is TES? The geek in me keeps reading it as “The Elder Scrolls”, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to a video game conference!

  3. Sue: Thanks.

    Iggy: The Eulenspiegel Society. I’ve just added a link on my front page in the “Be Social” links — go check it out.

  4. The topics are ones I’d love to hear about. Bet it’ll be interesting as heck, and you’ll be great!

  5. I personally love the topic of “jealousy” when it comes to being a couple in the scene. It’s a constant thought that runs through my mind when I play with someone in a relationship, and it’s a dynamic I often wonder about. How do you make it work? It’s a very intimate thing we do and when you develope play relationships with people emotions are strong. It comes with the territory. I would love to know the struggles that you two may encounter and how you deal. We all have insecurities, but it helps to hear how others keep them in check.

    As a single woman in the scene…meeting a significant other is also of interest to me.

  6. What’s the date? I know it’s probably in plain site, but please tell it again!?

  7. The date of the talk is this Saturday evening — it’s on the TES calendar.

  8. …wish I could hear my two fave people in the scene talk about this intriguing topic……..Can I get the ‘notes’ on the talk?
    I am sure you will be fine…..great..as a matter of fact., because you and Sandy are both so articulate…and it will prove informative, provocative, and maybe even entertaining to listeners/onlookers. Break a leg!

  9. I’m sure I’ll think of something to say. I was nervous last time but it seemed to go fairly smoothly. And people were spanked.

  10. hmmm. . . maybe talk about how to maintain a respectful domestic discipline relationship. One thing I always worry about is screwing up a relationship by saying something intended to be “dominant” but instead ends up just being hurtful. It’s hard to be in charge.

  11. I would ask how this compares to any vanilla relationships in your past. Would be interested in any sameness or differance. And…and…if the Earth should wrench apart leaving each of you on separate continents with no possiblity of air travel or water transit, would you EVER consider a vanilla partner in the future? Is this a fruit once tasted that consumes you?

  12. if stuck on a desert island with ONLY a vanilla partner ( and hopefully coconut trees) naturally I would ” make do”…LOL… but, it would have to be ONLY such Castaway circumstances…..


  13. @Sandy; ” ….and people were spanked”. lol. I luv it. Such a great ice-breaker and conversation-starter! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  14. I vote for the “how to balance spanking and the vanilla world”. For us, spanking while dating was vastly different than spanking while sharing a home/children/jobs/families. While we knew it would be, and talked about it a lot, the reality is, well, much more real. Finding a balance would be individual to each couple, but still something people should expect to work on.

  15. I would love to hear this talk. With Lon and I moving forward in our relationship there is always an interest in how others who are in the scene as a couple, work it all out. We both find it interesting and in many ways exciting, this new road we will travel together. Neither Lon or I have ever had a relationship that included our deepest secret, spanking. It is so bonding. Sometimes I kind of feel sorry for vanilla couples. (lol ).
    I am interested in the “jealousy” topic and would love to hear more on how couples deal with that. So far, for Lon and I it hasnt been a huge issue.
    Although I am interested in the jealousy topic I am more interested in the “how to balance spanking and vanilla world” topic. Since you and sandy went through the dating and then into sharing home family/jobs etc as a married couple in the scene your insight will be very interesting and informative to me. Whichever or whatever you two choose to talk about will be fun and informative Im sure. And sandy Ill have to “high five” you next time I see you because I would just be way too nervous to do it. I give you a lot of credit :0)

  16. Sounds like a great topic. I’d love to be there to hear it.

  17. All good suggestions and appreciated. I am considering trying to tape the talk — not to put the recording here but for purpose of transcribing it later and posting.

  18. but the ‘elect few’ ( LOL) can hear the tape..at some point…..no?? 🙂

  19. You and Sandy have such great chemistry both (it would seem) in the scene and as your garden variety married couple. Never would I call the two of you vanilla, even in no spanking circumstances, because, well, you just aren’t.

    The respect and love you have for each other are obvious. I think no matter what you say, people will pick up on that more than anything. You know, all that non-verbal communication stuff. The single and looking people will love the story as one of hope, that it too, can happen for them.

    Good luck. Report back please.

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