Where Does This Stuff Come From?

What pops into my head while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning?

Like a lot of people, mindless tasks as good at allowing my brain to wander a bit. I do my best thinking while taking a shower, shaving or doing the dishes. I suppose the fact that the task requires little mental effort frees the mind to go off on excursions — I’m sure most people have this happen. It’s just that when you’re like me and often have thoughts that are out of left field exploding in your head, it gets strange and/or interesting.

This morning’s strange thought had me walking to a classroom filled with college age girls — everyone dressed like it’s the 1930s or something in muted greys or browns. Whatever they are wearing, it’s subdued. I’m the instructor of the undefined class and I put down my leather briefcase on the desk and look at the class. I point at one student and say, “Do you agree?” She looks confused and just says, “Yes”. I ask the same question over and over to different students and they all say “Yes” in succession. Finally, I look at them and say, “Well, I don’t agree. Not at all”.

I then point to one girl in the back and say, “What do you say?” She looks up and says, “I don’t agree”. I put my arms behind my back and ask, “Very good. What is it that you don’t agree about?” She sits there and sort of blinks in surprise. “You must be disagreeing about something”, I say. “Tell me what that is?” That’s the point where I had to spit out the tootpaste and rinse.

I’m not ending it like that to frustrate anyone but only because that’s where my thoughts on that little “fantasy” ended. What’s interesting about the above vignette is that there is no spanking at all in it — it had not gotten to that point and may not have in the end. It’s just that even though there is nothing overtly spanking related in it, the idea of that scene still gives me very Toppy thoughts. It’s this unreasonable character with his odd question — unwavering and unyielding as he manipulates his class. But to what end?

It is like the ver beginings of a spanking scene as if it was written by Kafka or Camus (although those hacks never had to write a blog so there).


7 Responses to “Where Does This Stuff Come From?”

  1. Delightful. A world of promise. I often have vignettes that start in my head….beginning with the action..then sort of a ‘recollection’ of what led up to a highly dramatic punitive moment. I often insert spanking scenarios in the most mundane circumstances of daily life. I think this is why I find chores and assigned tasks to be hot.

    Yesterday I was at a dog park with Hannah ( umm..yeah, my dog) Its a spring ritual which I enjoy, and she greatly benefits from the exercise. It was very very VERY muddy there. Did I say muddy? IT was STUPID muddy. And I brought no paper towels, regular towls, or anything with which to protect my van’s interior. Smart. Good thing I drive a piece of crap car. Anyway….
    There was another young woman there, and we struck up a conversation. Ok..I am NOT gay but..she was absolutely adorable. She looked like…Scarlet Johansenn…..if Scarlet Johansen had just eaten a box of doughnuts. She was plump, and NOT in a bad way. At all. She looked very very spankable, and what was going through my twisted brain … as she was talking about all things canine was….what if….she went home all muddy and got a spanking for it?
    What if…. she and I got into an argument, in which mud was thrown, and we BOTH got spanked?
    There were several other variations…but, you get the idea. The poor thing. SHE was thinking about Cesar Milan, and I was thinking about either spanking her, or watching her get spanked. I’ll bet she thought only men were ‘objectifying’ her at the dog park! 🙂 I’ll never look at mud the same way again. LOL

  2. Ok, I had a dream last night that canes (the c.p. type of canes) grew on trees. Yes . . . on trees. There were cane tree orchards and, like your fantasy, this was taking place in some vaguely 1930’s time period. Parents would bring their adolscent daughters to stroll through the grove and select canes to bring home for potential domestic use, sort of like families might stroll through a lot of Christmas trees, searching for the perfect tree to put on display in the living room.

  3. time for us all to adjust our meds! LOL 😉

  4. Wow … what are they putting into toothpaste these days?? 😉

    I enjoy those mind-drifting moments. The shower is a good place for me, as well as driving to work in the mornings. Most of the few attempts at fiction writing I’ve created started out as a random thought similar to yours. I’d file it away sometimes to expand on later, or just leave it go. But they’d always be interesting!


  5. Wow. Yummy muddy, muted, existential, walk-in-the-woods vignettes. Thanks for the mindscape.

    Like Lisa, I get inspired by people, too. Mostly, I’ll tailor scenes to match personalities and throw in things people might have said, done, thought, initiated or discouraged based on the little pieces I know. It’s so fun. I gotta go brush my teeth. Later.

  6. I have a vibrating toothbrush.

    Now I’ll just get me some sexy toothpaste and I, too, am good to go!

  7. How very strange. I’m trying to imagine tooth brushing, flossing and using the waterpik without listening to the radio. If I were to turn it off, my brain might start coming up with stuff too.
    Grooming time is my mental downtime, when I let others do the thinking for me.

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