Nothing You Wanted To Know About Me and Didn’t Care To Ask

I need to take a break from the somewhat negative feelings of the past couple of days. I present for your enjoyment a window into some things that people may or may not know about yours truly. Feel free to laugh — that’s what this is for.

  1. Peanut Butter: Although many people are aware of my love of hummus, my greatest love on this planet as far as foods go is that manna from heaven known as peanut butter. I love it so much that I can’t eat it. You might ask, “Quoi?” but there is a reason for this — it is such a comfort food that it’s difficult to bring myself to stop eating it once I start. Major will power required which in the past I have been ill-equipped to exhibit. The recent recall of peanut butter due to contamination has been heartbreaking because it tells me that the companies that manufacture it don’t respect it nor cherish it the way I do — and that’s sad.
  2. The Adventures of Robin Hood: My favorite movie — it makes me stare like a wide-eyed kid whenever I see it. Don’t give me any crappy remakes or alternate versions with Kevin Costner, the only version that’s worth anything stars Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. As far as I’m concerned, it is the perfect romantic adventure film of all time — perfect in every possible way from acting to action, from costumes to score (by the great Erich Wolfgang Korngold). For those who have not seen this classic, rent it or watch it on TCM when it comes on the customary five or six times a month. Honorable mentions go to two other movies that I think are perfect in every way — Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Sting.
  3. Chinese Opera: I don’t mean an album by the alleged Guns n Roses, I’m talking about opera from China. But not just any old opera, I’m talking Cultural Revolution stuff about the glory of the workers and the bright future for communism. No one short of Wagner could put together this sort of spectacle — huge casts, huge orchestras and heaping doses of bombast. I have no idea what’s being sung but who cares, it’s BIG MUSIC. I must also mention that propagandistic music from the Soviet Union is also good. How can you go wrong with full orchestra, full choir and a pipe organ? American propagandistic music is less satisfying. Toby Keith? I don’t think so.
  4. Pulpy Novels: I admit that my taste in “literature” is a little lacking. Not only do the things I read not even come close to Pulitzer winning material, if they have caught a whiff of the Pulitzer then they are probably above my head. If there’s going to be a metaphor in my science fiction or crime novel then please make it more plain so that I can see it — I’m busy concentrating on the plot. If the book is about a tiger attacking a village, I want it to be about a tiger attacking a village — if the tiger represents Union Carbide or something, I’m not getting it. It’s funny because unlike books, I’m always deconstructing films and finding layers of meaning in them (whether they are there or not).
  5. Blue Pens: My preferred ink for writing. There’s just something that’s so satisfying about blue ink on a white page that I find it difficult to write with anything else. Writing with a black ink pen makes me feel uncomfortable because there’s just something “wrong” about the way it looks — I can use a black pen but it just doesn’t feel right to me. I have been known to go ballistic at work when I walk into my office and find that someone has walked in and taken my blue pen and, of course, left the black ones there. The cheapo black ones are there for people to take, that’s why I bought them from Staples, a buck for a thousand of them. But these pen leeches will just focus right on the blue ones. Dirty bastards.
  6. Juxtaposition: Another thing I love from the world of film (but have also seen on TV, online and in video games) is the melding of a song with images that lend a certain irony. It’s famously done at the end of Dr. Strangelove using the song “We’ll Meet Again” but I just love it whenever it’s done. Play “Zippety Do Dah” during a scene where someone is being eviscerated and I’m having an orgasm. It’s corny and clichéd but what the hell do I care, I’m not looking for art, I just want to enjoy myself.

So there you go. The above things only scratch the surface but are offered for your reading pleasure. To know me is to know my quirks.


17 Responses to “Nothing You Wanted To Know About Me and Didn’t Care To Ask”

  1. I share a lot of your likes and dislikes. It’s good to hear there are others like me out there. Thanks for the very entertaining post.

  2. Your quirks are what make you unique. Vis-a-vis likable.
    Your list was a riot… esp the last one…and it reminds me of that ” 100 things about me” circulating around the web that some people put on their blogs. I cant IMAGINE anyone wanting to know 100 things about me, but, if I am bored enough…I might start it. Peanut butter does tend to rock one’s world…if one isn’t allergic, of course.
    Country music is torture to me..and not the kind I like.
    I listen to a CRAZY amount of eclectic music…most of which my kids run screaming from.
    When I has to be snarky and sarcastic. Satire. Only way to get through life, as far as I am concerned.
    I prefer black pens. Blue pens remind me of school too much. Oh, and I can almost orgasm from a creamy white piece of paper and a brand new expensive fine point gel pen. The possibilities!
    I hope your “somewhat negative” feelings abate soon….

  3. I eat peanut butter on everything….celery…apples….bread….crackers….anything. Adventures of Robin Hood is great….and one of my son’s faves. I personally prefer the animated Disney version. Blue pens…also my fave!

  4. now I am compelled to watch Robin Hood. I liked the one with Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery too. I think it is just called Robin and Marian. I got such chills when she said to him : ” I love you more than ….God…”

  5. Paddlegirl Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! I’m a sucker for blue ink myself….adore it actually. I’m sorry to hear about your recent negative feelings…it happens to all of us from time to time. This scene can sometimes generate all sorts of feelings. Sometimes the best thing to do is exactly what you are doing…taking a break and focusing on other things. Kind of a spring cleaning in winter kind of thing. You’ll get your “groove” back Mr. Rad…of this I have no doubt.

  6. Paddlegirl…I think his ” groove” is fine .. its just damn tired! LOL 🙂

  7. Did you know that most Frenchmen think peanut butter is disgusting? It’s very strange. If you’re not a purist, I also recommend cashew butter or almond butter, too.

    I consider black pens pointless and will not write with them. Red pens are too alarming. Green ink reminds me of alien blood; pink ink is too cute, and yellow is invisible. That leaves purple, which is close enough to blue to get by, and blue, of course. Blue is my preference, too.

    I have never heard of anyone having a taste for melodic irony. That’s so specific, random and endearing. Maybe, the clubs should play Chinese opera in surround sound and show the spectacle on huge flat screens. Sounds like a mood change is needed.

  8. What you said about juxtaposition reminded me that a whole lotta people really get off on watching the original Wizard of OZ film while listening to Dark Side of the Moon for some reason. I once had a similar moment listening to the soundtrack from A Clockwork Orange while watching The Blue Lagoon, a teen romance flick from 1980 starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. The combination of those two so didn’t work it became high art.
    And Rad, the song Zippety Do Dah works really well with the old black and white zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. It makes the staggering of walking corpses look graceful somehow, like you know they’re doing the best they can.

  9. Jasmine…black pens aren’t pointless. If they WERE, I wouldn’t be able to write with them now, would I? ( sticking my tongue out at you!) 😉

    and , Ohhh…..almond butter….yum!!

    I agree that the clubs might wanna check out Rad’s go-to music. Beats the Nazi techno crap they tend to favor…..

  10. Tony E. …..
    ” Do you know the Muffin Man” ….: one of the creepiest kids tunes ever. How about that…. while watching a graphic scene of, say, a female being “taken” agaisnt her will…. maybe on a pirate ship.

    we are all goin’ you-know-where….

  11. As a non-believer in “you know where”, I’m not going any place. In the end, I get away with it.

  12. If there is a hell, at least I’ll be with my friends.

  13. I’m buying the coffees there! 🙂

    and fyi: I don’t beleive in it anyway. …does remind me of a cute tee shirt I once saw though:

    “where are we going and why am I in the handbasket?”….

  14. I remember being sick in the 5th grade. Mom brought me a grilled cheese sandwich and a ginger ale (the typical meal we got when ill so it became comfort food), and the little black and white tv for my room. I got to watch The Adventures of Robin Hood and it became one of my comfort movies. The one with Kevin Costner is just wrong.

    I did not know about your Blue Pen issue. I actually have writing utensil preferences, but they differ depending on the project. For certain things I need a perfectly sharpened pencil. I even asked for a new pencil sharpener for Christmas a couple years ago. Black ball point for certain things, and gel inks in various colors for research.

    I’m really sorry you can’t do peanut butter in moderation. It is one of the perfect foods. I think my kids are eating your share.

  15. I feel oddly hypnotized now by this peanut butter image. Maybe while hearing chinese opera, watching corny old black and white films, and scribbling kinky prose rife with juxtaposition with a blue pen….

    throw it all in a drum and it sounds like a cool Freudian dream! 🙂

  16. So, you like the juxtapositions, eh?

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