An Odd Occurrence During Dinner

It’s one of those weird moments when the vanilla world crosses with the kinky world in an unexpected way.

Had dinner last night with a relative of mine and like all relations do, started talking family stuff. Somewhere along the line, she mentioned my father and told me how much I resembled him in certain ways. The weird moment came when she referred to him as “your Daddy”. Having accepted that part of my kink recently I can say that I felt the tiniest kinky twinge at the term even if it was being used in a casual way.

The word “daddy” has now become one of those kinky triggers that we all have in one way or another. For some it’s a schoolgirl outfit or glasses or a voice or rolled up sleeves or whatever. I have lots of them too — mostly visual but sometimes just a word. The word “spank” always stands out and it’s one you hear a lot especially in the sports world. It’s just amazing to me how being kinky doesn’t just turn a particular activity into a fetish but actually fetishizes certain words as well.

“Daddy” is now in my lexicon of words that stand out when I hear them especially spoken by a woman — but that doesn’t always have to be the case. I was working on a piece of audio the other day that required me to use parts of the song “Hair” (from the musical). There I am, working on a strict deadline (“strict” is another trigger word for me) and get to the part of the song that goes, “Here, Baby, there, Mama, everywhere Daddy-Daddy…” and it kick started the thoughts right then and there. It wasn’t even the good original musical version but the one from the movie which I think is done at a too fast tempo…but I digress.

Jeez, if the song “Hair” can get me going then my vanilla life is truly over and done with.


5 Responses to “An Odd Occurrence During Dinner”

  1. Viva la kink!

  2. Haha, you are 100% kinkified!! 🙂

  3. Rad, your blog does make one think about all the ways in which the vanilla world intrudes ( note how it is NOT the other way…lo) I tend to really enjoy thinking about all the ways in which our trigger words/phrases affect us…..
    ‘daddy’ is definitely a word one can use to try to get a reaction….vanilla or not…..
    and there are a handful of others…..and shouldnt be wasted……but i like how it makes you realize the power of language………

  4. ..I remember one time..after my real FATHER died ( WHEN i WAS 13) and a relative asked me if he was my ‘dad” or my ‘daddy’…..and the distinction was made, even then .long before ‘kink’ or ‘sexuality’ or anything…….

  5. Maybe this is actually my subconscious motivation for moving to the bible belt?

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