Perv Alert

I usually try to post something of some thought-provoking substance but right now I have an important announcement to make.

There is a pervert here at Starbucks where I’m sitting and writing this post. He was sitting at his computer and looked up to see the barrista he calls “The Red Headed Girl” bend down to take some sugar packets out of a bin. Right at that moment, the waistband of her black slacks rode down revealing a black lace thong and enough flesh to make the view worthwhile. Although there are folks who may not really like thongs, I’m sure they take what they can get along with their coffee.

I’m not really sure what sort of a freak notices these things but I just want to warn anyone who is near or who works at Starbucks that there are observant people close by who are only too able to see an accidental undergarment revelation.


11 Responses to “Perv Alert”

  1. …laughing soooooo hard at this. Good thing YOU don’t know any perverts like that..! har har….

  2. Wednesday Says:

    You ought to come to Phoenix in the summer. I get quite a show.

  3. You are a living testament to testosterone, sir.

  4. S.D.: …: and he isnt even a thong fan !!!

  5. i thought you didn’t like thongs?!!!!! hahaha

  6. …and that’s why I only go to Dunkin Donuts for my coffee!


  7. I drink green tea in my house. It’s safer there.

  8. This is the ONE morning I have to go to work early and I’m not there to protect Rad from the Starbucks pervs? I don’t know how this happened.

  9. caffeine exacerbates perversions. or maybe its what starbucks is putting in their muffins these days….

  10. Sandy, you really need to be more on the ball! 🙂

    I’m with Jules. We buy the starbucks coffee and make it ourselves. Along with the nice celestial seasoning tea. It’ll have you asleep before the perverts get there!

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