5 Random Thoughts

Here are some things that are in my head right now that I probably could not utter to anyone but people in the scene.

  1. Sometimes just grabbing someone by the hand, leading them off and putting them over my knee for a spanking is more satisfying than weeks of agonized negotiations and scenarios. I suppose it might be a curiosity to write out the history of the “school” where the “schoolmaster” teaches and write up a curriculum but it’s not really essential, is it? No fuss, no muss, just spanking goodness sometimes works out.
  2. I hate it when I want to play with someone and don’t find the time to do so. I always (and I mean always) feel like I’m insulting them when that is not the case at all. My paranoia always makes me feel they are shooting daggers at me and spreading vicious rumors. “Did you hear? He drinks the blood of Christian children…that f**k.” Time management is my issue (and ADHD) not intentional rudeness.
  3. Real names are OK but I don’t really need to know them especially when I’ve only known people by their nicknames. If I know a Julie or Tom or Digger or Flowergirl, I have no problem not knowing that they are respectively Yancy, Gordon, Tord or Bernice. It’s important to pick a good nickname, though. Most people do but every so often you find someone who chose poorly and I’m not walking around a club calling someone Asstard77. Not happening so in that case tell me your real name.
  4. Do the predatory guys know they are predators? I don’t mean some hardcore criminal but the guy who wants to play and suddenly it’s all about “fingering” someone or some such intimacy. Do they realize this is something that’s sort of off the beaten path or do they think it’s something that’s no problem. When you look at them, they seem to act as if it’s the latter — sort of clueless.
  5. I know it’s very nice and very well-meaning but there is something not quite right about a buffet table at a BDSM club — especially if it’s near some of the equipment and other paraphenalia. I don’t know if it’s the guy with his dick hanging out lurking near the hummus or the thought of bodily fluids near the pizza but it just seems wrong to me for some reason.

17 Responses to “5 Random Thoughts”

  1. OK, so much for eating hummus today.

  2. Rad, #3 made me laugh for five minutes. I timed it. Thnks. I needed that…today…..

  3. OMG.
    Ok. I once went to a xmas party where there was an elaborate spread featuring handmade, lovely edible gingerbread houses.
    The lady I was with leaned over and said to me, as I gleefully leaned over to pluck off a nice little bit of scalloped pink icing from said ‘roof’ ..
    ” do you KNOW how many people just wlked near here and farted..?”
    I have never seen a buffet the same way since. For real. Too too funny.

    NO comments, Rad!! I needed to keep my damn strength up that night! lolol

  4. Make-your-own-burrito buffets are an *especially* bad idea at spanking parties. It should never happen, but in the event that it does, the only sensible thing is to place a sign in front of the refried beans: “TOPS ONLY!!!!”

  5. burritos and spanking scenes. NO GO.

  6. #1 is so hot! (well, provided it isn’t some complete stalker psycho stranger dude)

  7. #1 definitely made me go “whew!” #5 earned a spit-take. Jarlsberg cheese and triscuit all over my monitor. Messy … messy … messy.

  8. Hadn’t thought of buffet tables at BDSM clubs that way.

    Don’t wanna think about buffet tables at BDSM clubs that way.

    Time to go on a diet.


  9. My attention was definitely drawn by #1, too!

  10. #1 is hot. Spontaneity. Yes……

  11. #1.
    ….’just spanking goodness sometimes works out..’.

    Yes Yes, it DO…..

  12. I laughed at #2 and then realized…HEY, that’s just how I look!! *sigh* As for #1, I agree with Indy…that definitely got my attention.

    ~the corruptor of the innocent~

  13. You have ADHD, Rad? Does that stand for Absolute Die Hard Disciplinarian, in your case..?

  14. Lisa: I like it.

    Actually, if I have ADHD of the mundane kind then I only suspect that I have it.

  15. I actually do have ADD.
    I once dated a man with OCD. True story. He used to always joke that together, we probably made up a ‘normal’ person.
    I broke up with him because if there is one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s being called “normal”. HA.

  16. At the risk of sounding completely unoriginal – #1 is the ultimate. In fact I make a point to tell tops that get into my head – feel free to haul me off…no need to ask or talk about it etc…just do it for God’s sake. I love that!

    #2 I totally agree with and have reminded people of that myself. Pick a name that sounds like a name. ALthough – now I’m really curious to meet asstard. He sounds great!

    And #5! YES! I”ve said this for years! Even at my spanking parties I make a point to put hand santatizer all over the food table. There’s no nakedness or fluids but there still a lot of ass slapping going on and….it’s a little off putting too if you think about it??

  17. Jules, I can give you the real name and number of asstard. Actually, there are several. Wait.. you are a friend. I wouldnt do that to ya!

    Oh..and, at your party? Set up a booth for Rad! 😉

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