Being A Disciplinarian

Although I’ve been enjoying the addition of “Daddy” to the things that I feel make up my fetishy life, there are times when another sort of vibe is something I like to do.

Being a Daddy has connotations of nurturing and guidance and discipline delivered by a caring individual who is looking out for someone. It’s a pretty unique dynamic and one that has been very interesting to explore and quite fulfilling. However, sometimes the nurturing side of my scene persona is not the one I desire to feed — there are times when I want to simply be a disciplinarian.

In my mind, the disciplinarian is not the nurturing type. He is cold and by the book — efficient in doling out punishment and unstoppable in doing so. The disciplinarian persona that I take upon myself is not devoid of emotion but is someone who knows what he has to do and can’t allow sentiment to deter him. He’s not a machine but a “force of nature”. He can’t be reasoned with, can’t be cajoled nor bribed into changing his mind. There is something that needs doing because in his mind, the scales need to balance and the only way that is possible is with the generous use of punishment.

It’s also a very institutional sort of mindset — a teacher/principal/headmaster, a warden, a peace officer. Any of these personae are people who live within a framework of rules and regulations, the breaking of which are the reasons for the punishment to be given. The person being punished is well aware of the rules and knows that there is no choice — the thing that must be done will be done because that’s just the way that it is.

Although I love to play the caring Daddy, I get another sort of thrill out of the coldness of the disciplinarian. Yes, it’s a power trip — I freely admit that. There’s just something that gets to a part of my core kink about delivering pain in such a cold and calculating way no matter the screams or tears or cries for mercy. It is truly the sadistic side of me that still works within the context of spanking without entering into a wider BDSM mode.


12 Responses to “Being A Disciplinarian”

  1. Emma Jane Says:

    “There’s just something that gets to a part of my core kink about delivering pain in such a cold and calculating way no matter the screams or tears or cries for mercy” I love the way you put this. To me this is what real discipline is about, punishment that is unyielding, consequences that have to be met, no matter how much I cry or beg or cajole.

    And a part of me likes ‘unjust’ punishment, where I don’t think I deserve the punishment but I don’t have a choice, I’m not in charge, so I have to take it just the same.

    All that said, after punishemnt I like the caring side, I need the feeling of forgiveness and atonement.

  2. Very very interesting.
    Once in a while, that DOES creep in ever so silently.. even when you are in Daddy mode. ( in MY opinion..not that I would know..LOL) and it adds a rather tasty litle extra frisson of ‘fear’ .. which is thrilling.

    Daddy can be pretty scarey when angry. He is NO teddy bear then! Thank GOD! I have enough teddy bears, thanks just the same! πŸ™‚ Way to keep being YOU, Rad..all the facets. Rock on with your wild, kinky self….

  3. You can discipline me any time you want. I think I rather need a cold and calculated spanking right about now?

  4. Subtle, Barbie! LOL! πŸ™‚ Can I watch! I am used to mister warm & fuzzy……..

  5. …”the scales need to balance and the only way that is possible is with the generous use of punishment.”

    I just loved that. Pure poetry.

  6. Lisa: You’re like, the best fan club anyone could ever have. I hope we meet one day.

    Rad: What Lisa said.

  7. Lisa…subtle? Really? hahaha.

  8. Being a disciplinarian is actually pretty challenging, because it requires the conscious practice of self-discipline before any discipline is doled out. Just an observation.

  9. I am always thankful for all the ego feeding comments — they don’t go unnoticed (that’s an understatement).

    Smiling Devil makes a good point. I think part of the enjoyment of being a strict unyielding disciplinarian comes from the self-discipline required to not allow oneself to get out of control — to go beyond what needs to be done.

  10. Jake, I wouldn’t want the job! lol. but then, why would I ..? Aside from obvious “role-play” really is nice to be able to look up to a person who has their shit together. See, this is the “deifying a Dom” problem I am burdened with.

    @Jasmine.. I do hope we meet one day! As far as being a Rad-fan..he is a great person and Top and wordsmith. I am like… a GROUPIE when it comes to writers who express themselves so eloquently.. with humor and insight….It’s rare , I find.

  11. I have to go with the consensus– Rad is an excellent principal. Anyone who can get me to shut up immediately with a sharp, well-timed command is awfully good. πŸ™‚

  12. I think the key part for me is that I don’t want to be the one in charge when it comes to discipline. Whether it be “Daddy” or a disciplinarian. Many times the disciplinarian is cleaner for me. I expect him to push me further then I think I can go and I do expect him to make me think. Rad is very good at this.

    I did have a disciplinarian who was very good at this. He never listened to one little excuse I had. But then he felt he just couldn’t discipline me so harshly…and strongly. That was a sad day for me. I lost an important part of my life.

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