Ten Minute Tales #1

This was a story I posted on Fetlife some time back but enough folks seemed to like it there that I figured I’d post it over here for those that had not stumbled upon it there. A little background: I gave myself exactly ten minutes to write the story so it was a furious affair — the version here has fixed typos that were in the original.

Story after the flip.

She walked into my office with a hangdog expression that belied the substance and nature of her crime. The innocence was such an obvious act and all the more galling considering the lack of remorse she showed to her teacher and the student she humiliated in class. I had no choice but to place her in the corner, her nose buried between a bookcase and the bare wall, as I continued my late-afternoon busywork for an additional hour. She tried to speak once but I sternly asked her to be quiet and she stood silently the remainder of the time.

When the hour was up, I tidied my desk and put away my work. I made several phone calls and shut down my computer. Each of these things was done slowly and deliberately and I could see her squirm with each sound. After I was done, I called to her and with a quick hand motion told her where I wanted her to stand. Staring her in the face, I outlined her offense to the school, to her teacher, to her fellow student and to me. I read her the passage from the student handbook about behavior and emphasized the section on punishment. I put the handbook back inside my jacket pocket and told her to bend forward across my desk for the paddling she was to receive.

I walked around to my desk and made sure she saw me open the drawer and pull out the widest and heaviest paddle I had — the one reserved for especially naughty students. Her complaints went unheard as I walked back around, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her white, pristine bottom stood in stark contrast to the green plaid skirt of her uniform. Without another word, I brought my arm back and swung the paddle, connecting with her bottom with a loud smack and a force that would have propelled her forward if not for the desk she leaned upon. I paddled her methodically — twelve strokes in all. All the while she screamed and cried, begging me to stop. But I did not stop. The penalty for her crime was twelve strokes of the paddle until her bottom was a distinct shade of purple.

After it was over, I put the paddle back and watched her collapse to the floor. I sat at my desk and waited until she slowly stood up, straightened her uniform and limped out into the hallway. This would be repeated every day until she offered an apology to me. In the end, three days were sufficient.

(Story begun at 9:21am and finished at 9:31am)


9 Responses to “Ten Minute Tales #1”

  1. loved it then, loved it now.

    Its “sparse” but still perfectly vivid. You have a gift..to be sure. I liked ” I called to her and with a quick hand motion told her where I wanted her to stand..”
    I LOVE details like that….

  2. I’m imagining receiving such a spanking. I don ‘t know if I ever would have apologized.

  3. Brave Girl, Barbie! I would have been PROFUSELY apologizing..the whole time!

  4. I am a fan of this story, so much so that I posted it to my blog.


  5. I’d have been apologizing after swat 3…depending on how much I hated the student I humiliated.

    Good job, Rad!

  6. Rad this is a great story! It totally captures all the beginning stuff of waiting for the spanking….that whole humiliating corner time and even worse the spanking and again the anticipation of the continuing of the punishment.

  7. Ooooh. Great story and great game. I might try writing one today.

  8. Yes…the anticipation.. drawn out as long as possible. It’s just wonderful, isn’t it, ladies?

    When facing a corner… every sense is just SO tuned in and heightened…and, WOW! An HOUR in it, followed by a silent and merciless paddling..?!

    In your story, Rad, I could just HEAR the drawer being opened, and the wooden paddle being removed..! Total goosebumps.

  9. WOW, and mmmmmmm that was GREAT!

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