A Unique Party Space

Attended the MSA party last night at their top secret location in Lower Manhattan. A very nice space if I must say so — and I must.

The “MSA” stands for the Manhattan Spanking Association. If vanillas asked we could always say it was the Manhattan Semiotics Association having its annual Michel Foucault celebration — whatever keeps them quiet. The “top secret” location is a rented loft which has a cross between a domestic and dungeon feel to it. Quite different than most of the party spaces I’ve been to.

The official play spaces are divided up into four rooms — three private rooms with little sofas and other furniture that evokes the domestic (although there’s a St. Andrew’s cross in each room seemingly out of place) and a larger room with an assortment of benches, horses and other furiture to attach people to for more serious stuff. The common areas are a little tight and anything above twenty people might begin verging on the uncomfortable. However, the loft space gives the gathering a somewhat laid back feel which is a lot more relaxing than the more frantic atmosphere of a BDSM club.

Personally, the private play spaces are one of the nicer changes of pace because they allow two people the chance to have some amount of headspace.


2 Responses to “A Unique Party Space”

  1. Here Here here for the little rooms! !

    (a LOT can be contained in such a small place…….)

    I like the loft. It’s in a decent location, and has a cozy ” hanging out at a friends place” vibe. With too many people it can get a little bit crowded and “steamy”.. but, it definitely is more conducive to private scenes ( more domestic) than BDSM clubs..to be sure…lots of mirrors, too!

  2. Darn – I wish I could have attended. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the place and the space.

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