Maybe Some Light at the End of the Tunnel

I read an article in the New York Times (linked here) about the shuttering of businesses in Manhattan due to unaffordable leases. It also mentions that many landlords are looking to lock up their existing tenants with extensions at below market rates, hoping to avoid empty storefronts. Hope for Paddles NYC?

It has got ot be tough running any sort of business in New York let alone Manhattan. The price of the space would be prohibitive for most and with the current economic depression, it must be difficult bringing in the customers to sustain the business. If Starbucks stores are closing then what chance does anyone else have? The clientele at Paddles has been up and down in recent months. Sometimes there’s a good crowd and other times it’s pretty sparse. Even those with a need are balancing it with the necessities. I’m not sure when the club’s lease is up but I’m hoping they can work out a decent enough deal to remain open, whether at their current location or somewhere else.

It doesn’t matter what the complaints are about the place because you will always find people who complain about one thing or another but I think it would me more than a shame if Paddles was to close. Not just because it’s a reliable play space but also because it is a public gathering place for New York’s BDSM crowd and an attraction for out-of-town visitors. On a good night, it has a wide variety of patrons and types of play going on — there’s always something to watch. Yes, there are those that creep around acting strangely but they are not the majority. Most folks are into what they are into and are friendly — the staff at Paddles is especially friendly and welcoming.

My selfish reason for wanting it to remain open is that it was where my wife Sandy and I had our first play date — actually, it was where I had my first spanking experience ever. For me, the nostalgia of that event keeps me going back and hoping it is a place where I can go for years to come. Here’s to hope.

One other thing: Someone needs to donate a new sofa of some kind to the club. The maroon one that is there now might be the filthiest piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. I cringe every time I see someone sit on it because I only can imagine the amount of dirt and dust that’s gathered in that horror. I think a nice fake leather love seat or sofa would be a fine replacement — something that can be wiped down with one of those Clorox pre-moistened towels. Much cleaner and neater.


3 Responses to “Maybe Some Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. I had heard Paddles might be in trouble. Was/is it really imminent?

  2. I have not heard that anything is urgent but that information would not be public anyway.

  3. I know.. I meant among “us”……

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