Instant Turn On

What spanking related things turn you on at the drop of a hat?

I can’t rate these because they are sort of mixed up in my head but here are the top five things that instantly smack me upside the spanko head.

  1. Pigtails: Sure, I’m not the only person who is turned on by the sight of a grown woman in pigtails but turned on I am. It automatically evokes the little girl imagery and taps right into the “Daddy thing” that I’ve got going on in my skull. Plus, since it’s an adult, it’s all legal.
  2. Blue jeans: Also not original but somewhat specific. I’m not talking about those dark indigo painted-on things from my youth in the late 1970s, I mean somewhat snug regular every day faded blue jeans. There’s something of the tomboyish “girl next door” about faded blue jeans in my mind. Murder on the hand but fun to strap.
  3. Half Pulled Down Panties: This is more of a solitary tableau than a thing but the photograph of a pair of panties pulled halfway down a woman’s bottom is an amazing sight. So many spanko possibilities in that moment.
  4. Drop Seat PJs: Somewhat similar to Number 1 above, it brings out the “Daddy” thoughts of before bedtime spankings. I should mention that the drop seats need to be occupied otherwise I’m just looking at cloth and that really does little for me.
  5. Marks: Not all marks are equal to me — some are better than others. For example, big bruises that look like someone just beat someone up are not my thing. However, two uniform bruises, one on each cheek as if a hairbrush hit the same two spots over and over again — very good. Also lines from a cane are very hot. I once saw a sequence of pictures called “100 Strokes of the Cane” which depicted exactly what the title says, one hundred photos of the one hundred cane strokes. A couple of misses in that group but by the end, the woman had a beautiful set of lines fanned the length of her bottom. Amazing.

17 Responses to “Instant Turn On”

  1. such lovely images indeed!

  2. One of my favorite things is just the look on a lady’s face when I suddenly change gears from an ordinary conversation to “it’s time for your spanking.” It has an amazing effect on her expression. Sometimes they look down, sometimes their eyes widen, their breathing always changes.

  3. It is wonderful to read things from the male perspective. I love it.

  4. Hey dawna! Do you remember that time when…

  5. are so punny! I liked what you said about the ‘changes’ a woman goes through. I know personally how intoxicating that “transformation” is….and it never gets old….

    @Rad: drop seat jammies…LOVE them. What possibly says ” spanking” more? Well, I mean…besides the other things you listed!.

    Hmm…as a woman..( ok..GIRL!) I can say..; strong hands…authoritative voice….and dark eyes that let you know you aren’t going to get away with a thing.

    The crooked finger: the “Come here…”….the sight of a man taking off his belt…(MELT!)…..suits, uniforms…..his voice on the phone; ” I am on my way home. You better be prepared…”. yum. whew! cold shower time! 🙂

  6. Oh wow…so many things. All of the above, plus “come here, young lady”…the rolling up of the long sleeve on the spanking arm…the tilted eyebrow over the stern eyes, just daring me to say something…being over his lap and hearing “you won’t be needing these” as he takes my panties down…
    Wow. Great topic, Rad.

  7. @Suze06… yeah..great topic, no? Fun for girls and boys alike, too! 🙂 ps: I forgot about the raised eyebrow. YESSS!

  8. Lisa,

    I love your reply posts to Rad’s blogging. You are so articulate and spot-on!

    Long live the raised eyebrow!

  9. Gee, thanks Suze….!

    Although ..I sometimes hope it doesnt seem like I
    am hijacking the blog. Little miss commentator.

    (The inmates are running the asylum..oh noo!)

    But hey..all’s fair in love and blogs and Rad’s is the best in spanking-ville.
    So…. long live the raised eye brow, the rolled up sleeve, the glare, the stare, the butt in the air!
    OMG. I was supposed to be in bed. BYE! 🙂 xo

  10. Lisa, you are the best!!! I love the way you articulate! are you a writer by trade? if not you should be. I love reading this blog, and love to read your comments to same. see you guys soon.

  11. Yeah, how come Lisa’s not writing a blog?
    My instant turn-ons: the threatening touch of the belt in public accompanied by the previously mentioned one-eyebrow raise. The actual taking off of the belt in private. The sing-song tone to his voice as he ever-so-nicely tells you what’s about to happen. A hand on the back of my neck, leading me to another room…

  12. Loretta and Sandy,

    Gee, Wow! Thanks, you guys! I always did want to be a writer …as in “Writer” in a paycheck, but..
    I did study journalism and creative writing in school, worked for a bit as an assistant editor for a small local paper and a proofreader for a real estate company . (Yes, I wrote those little descriptive ads designed to sell homes!)

    In high school I wrote an astrology column, ( “For Entertainment Purposes Only”) until it got ix-nayed by the Puritans at large .. because it was deemed ‘witchcraft’….

    In point of fact, I WAS raised in a cult.. and that will be in the memoir I’ll get around to writing one of these days.. when I am not busy being foolish online, or staring at a carpet.. or facing a corner.

    I’ve also had spanking stuff published, if that counts.. and some mainstream poetry…one of which won a contest! My great grandmother was a recognized poet, in her day. Her name was Frances Rose Libbey.

    I also used to be “friends” with Billy Collins…who lived very close by when I was in NY . He would come every day to the coffee shop where I worked .. and I was awestruck. I thought I’d die when he asked to see some of my stuff, and he gave me signed broadsheets of some of HIS work.
    He took me under his literary wing and invited me to his many various readings, etc. If anyone wonders ( or cares at this point..:-)) he was the Poet Laureate of the U.S. for a couple years in the early 2000’s…

    I would love to have my own blog…as it appears I do have a lot to say…..BUT–I have no idea how.
    (realizes that puts me in the “lazy” category)….
    I also have a fear that few to none will visit it..thus confirming my latent insecurity.
    So yeah, Loretta..I write all the time. I guess that makes me a writer . I just don’t get paid. and aren’t ya glad ya asked?! 😉 See you SOOOOOON!

  13. Lisa, I hearby demand that you blog. . . please.

  14. Ohh…Oh-Kayyyyyyyyy! lol ..

    Hmm.. ok. well, there’s ONE reader! So, how does one do this?
    BTW Jake.. are you Smiling Devil? Dude, you didnt even accept my damn friend request on Fetlife! 😉 ( just kidding ya..)

    Sheesh. Don’t you know who I AM?! 🙂

  15. Well Lisa, you should ! I for one would love to read your blog if you were to write one. See you at sinnys party on the 24th. We can’t make jesses’ Get started on that blog, I know I speak for others when I say that you would indeed evoke many readers.

  16. Lisa: are you a.k.a. “Dayzee?”

  17. Jake, Guilty as charged. ( as per usual)…. me now? LOL!

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