Drawing The Fictional Line

I’ve been writing a lot more lately, not just posts here or on Fetlife, but fiction writing mostly for myself. A lot of these stories and vignetes end up getting shoved in a drawer or heavily edited if they ever see the light of day.

The reason is simply: Left to my own devices, my fiction really tends to go off the deep end especially in the sexual themes that often show up somewhere in the story. Sometimes the sexuality is a natural outgrowth of the plot but other times it is used as yet one more humiliation to be faced by the person who is the center of focus. These characters are often in stories where they are being forced to submit or are part of a society, either by birth or contract, where they must submit (think “Gor” or a Victorian erotic tale). Although I like writing what would be considered “traditional” stories about naughty girls being spanked, I find that the stories I write for my own pleasure are much nastier kinds of fantasies. I publish the traditional stories, the nasty ones are those that go into a folder and stay there until I need bit and pieces of them for other stories — they also exist because I need to get them out of my head.

I’m not sure why I draw this distinction between what I call the “traditional” and the “nasty”. Perhaps it’s a just a form of self-censorship and related to knowing my audience. I think a lot of spanking enthusiasts want their stories to follow along a certain path sans overt sexuality. Yes, people in the stories can have “feelings” that arise when they are being punished but I’m not sure the reader wants it to go beyond that especially if the story did not start out as sexual or rougher. These kinds of stories have not seen the light of day in a long, long time. Many moons ago, during my original foray into the online scene, I published a bunch of stuff that was edgier on Usenet and perhaps even a couple of other places online. These are the “lost stories” I’ve referenced in the past — stories that I have no copy of nor any memory of the nickname I used when I wrote them. Ah, well — they were probably shit anyway.

I’ve toyed with the idea of putting up a separate site for just my fiction but have not found a suitable host for these stories yet. I have to be somewhat careful about the rules and regulations of what is permitted and not permitted when it comes to even fiction. Perhaps using a paid host for my own website would be the best way to go — it seems a waste to have all this debauchery in a folder unseen.


9 Responses to “Drawing The Fictional Line”

  1. I’d be careful even if it is a paid host. A woman with a website, a pay site at that to keep minors off, was charged with all sorts of things because she wrote fiction based around the child abuse she suffered. Being agoraphobic, she couldn’t even do the trial and had to take a plea deal and is now on house arrest I think.

    It was discussed heavily on SSS, I’ll see if I can find a link.

    It’s definitely a case that ought to make you think twice. Not because I personally think there’s anything wrong with your fiction – I have enjoyed what I have read and would enjoy reading more. Good luck in this venue 🙂

  2. Marie: That is a big concern for me — stepping over the line and getting in trouble because of some indecency law even if what is being depicted is not illegal per se.

  3. Sounds like you are in a productive writing phase. Milk it for all it’s worth!

  4. I like both types of stories. I love a good “traditional” bad girl-getting-a-spanking story. But I also love the much more edgy stories like you describe. One where the particular “world” in which the story takes place involves women being able to be held as slaves or some other form of forced submission. Including the sexual/humiliation aspects. I actually prefer that to the type of story where the couple has a fun sexy consensual spanking, then get turned on and then make love. I like that in a real life story, but in fiction find it kind of….boring. I want fantasy in fiction, not everyday soft porn. I’m sure that’s exactly the type of story some people find to be perfect…..it just doesn’t happen to do it for me personally.

    It’s one of those instances where what I like in a fictional story and what I like in real life are VASTLY different. Or even in videos. I don’t want to actually see someone being treated that way, I’d prefer the OTK “naughty girl” spanking in that case. Somehow it’s totally different in written fiction……in a story I like the man to be much much meaner than I would in real life or in a video.

  5. Rad… I don’t think you need to worry TOO much about all your debauchery going to waste! LOL. I’ve been enriched by your ” sick” literary ramblings a time or two! I haven’t been interviewd by the prison psychiatist…YET.
    As you know, I love to write stories too .. and.. because they are mainly for myself ..I let them ‘go’ where they will. I don’t even really know what qualifies as ” especially” kinky or “nasty”. Its all fanstasy. Anything goes. That said, I REALLY hope I never read anything authored by Radagast that takes place on a farm . Out behind the barn, maybe…? 🙂 Write on, Brother!!

  6. I wish Rad would show us his nasty stuff!

  7. Sandy, you guys are married. Don’t you REGULARLY see each other’s nasty stuff? LOL ..ohhh yes. I DO crack myself up on these snowy shut-in days…!

  8. I wrote a story on SIN once that some found to be too severe. In other words, it wasn’t what some (most?) readers would actually want in real life. Honestly, it wasn’t what I would want in real life, either, but it was super-fun to write and quite edgy. I was really surprised by the backlash. I guess there was this implied undercurrent of “don’t write it down unless it’s something that you really want to do verbatim.” Um, OK. I’ve read stories that aren’t my taste, but I don’t usually flame the author. If I read about a golden shower, say, I’m probably going to stop reading right there–because it’s not my thing. It’s like the old joke: “Hey, Doctor my arm hurts when I move it like this.” Doctor: “OK. Stop moving it like that.” If you’re reading for pleasure and it stops pleasing you–just stop reading. Soooo very simple.

    Piggy-backing on what Lisa said: It is super-cute that Sandy comments on Rad’s blog when she could easily go in the other room and deliver the message in person.

  9. @ jasmine..I often thought that if my second husband ( whom I met through Shadow Lane ) and I could just email each other and not talk …the marriage might have been ok. Nah.. he was allergic to computers. Used to circle around it snarling..like a dog with a strange item in the home. HATED my online activities..with a passion. ( and thats when I was online maybe a quarter of the time I am now!) Oh well. Yes..Rad and Sandy..SO cute!!

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