Sometimes It Just Clicks

There are times when a spanking fits exactly into the place where my kink resides. Last night at Paddles was like that.

Things don’t have to be spontaneous for me to have a good time. It can be planned out in advance and it will be just as good. But sometimes things just fall together perfectly and are pretty much perfect.

There were a quick trio of spankings that I was able to deliver that fit into this category. They were spontaneous and disciplinary without winks or smiles while they were happening. I love scenes where I can be a “serious” spanker and the person I’m spanking acts accordingly — meaning that they are behaving not like someone who is loving to be spanked, but like someone for whom it is punishment and unpleasant. That, to me, is a perfect dynamic.

I know that both the person I’m spanking and I enjoy what’s going on, we wouldn’t be there or doing it at all if it was not enjoyable. But there is a big difference between enjoying it within the context of what is going on and acting like you’re having the biggest orgasm ever while it’s happening. The former works, the latter is a headspace killer especially for someone like me who enjoys the disciplinary aspect of spanking. To me, a spanking is not just about pain but dominance and humiliation as well. Giving a person a disciplinary spanking while they’re openly behaving like it’s a sex act is akin to being spanked by a disciplinarian who remarks about how good someone’s ass looks. Doesn’t fit.

Anyway, loved it – enjoyed it – perfect – thanks.


16 Responses to “Sometimes It Just Clicks”

  1. damn. even though i wasnt there. Buzzkill! LOL!

  2. I totally agree Rad. When it clicks it clicks. And last night it clicked.

    I meet many tops who claim to be into discipline but we just don’t seem to be on the same page. I like to feel truly disciplined so comments about cute panties and cute bottoms, lot’s of rubbing and a seductive voice kind of ruin the moment for me. I’ve even had that cheesy porno-like discipline scene where I’m thoroughly confused and embarrassed for everyone involved half expecting to hear the ‘Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka’ soundtrack playing in the background.

    Anyway – when a top truly gets into my head and gives me that discipline spanking that is at my core – it is a truly memorable moment – especially when I’m not expecting it.

    Thank you Rad. I loved it. You made my night.

  3. Rad is a big meanie!

  4. Its so wild when you hear/read so much lately about the ” discipline” vs NON ” disciplinary” scenes. I always thought it was a no-brainer. To me ( as ever, JUST speaking for moi) spanking IS discipline. Yeah, we are wired to love/crave it …. but it IS punishment, by its definition anyway… and it DOES hurt, and I for one TOTALLY get off on the fear/apprehension elements, and get damn CRANKY when I can’t have it. Sounds like a very fun and successful night! Way to go! Sandy..I know you’ll see to it that Rad’s ego doesnt get too big, right? LOL 😉

  5. Ummm……Sandy? If there’s one thing I learned last night it’s never to call Rad “MEAN” – Rad is “NICE”!!!!

    See? Spankings can alter behavior! Who knew?

  6. The safety net for humanity is that if my ego gets any bigger, the laws of physics kick in to stop it.

  7. with all the naughty ladies cooing over you? .. its no wonder! LOL…Beauty DONT have a big ego. You are just a “rock star” spanker/Disciplinarian! Roll around in it..what the hell! 🙂

  8. Paddlegirl Says:

    Hi there! I love this blog and this is my first post. I must disagree that spanking for discipline is a “no brainer”. I, for one, and not spanked for discipline. Does that make me less of a spanko? We come in all flavours and while I love reading thoughts and ideas on discipline and various aspects of spanking I find myself feeling a tad bit less after that comment. lol…perhaps I just need a bun burning spanking…probably so!

  9. Paddlegirl: I don’t think anything makes anyone “less” of a spanko — everyone’s kink is their own no matter what it is. However, I can only speak to my own preferences when it comes to spanking and that’s exactly what they are, my preferences. In no way, shape or form do I assume or pronounce anything I do as being better than what someone else does — just different.

  10. I was spanked publicly recently, and someone commented that I didn’t look like I was enjoying it at all. And the truth is, I wasn’t. But … but … afterwards I enjoyed not having enjoyed it. The best line I ever read was “I don’t enjoy being punished, I enjoy having *been* punished” (thanks, Niki). It’s not always like that. I’ve had the more sensual-type spanking, but the planets have to be aligned just so in order for that to happen. It’s just not the norm for me.

    I’d like to play with you someday, Rad, if you’d do me the honor. Even if I think Sandy is right about you … 😉

  11. Paddlegirl Says:

    Thank you Rad…I thank you for the response. I do enjoy the blog and your perspective.

  12. Paddlegirl, when I made that comment about the ” no-brainer” I too was ONLY speaking for me. I meant NO offense. I truly know and appreciate that MANY people like spankings for playful or just sensual reasons.. or hell, b/c there is nothing good on tv and its fun. I was only speaking for myself with regards to the “discipline” aspect. Peace! 🙂

    Irishred, I can totally relate to being utterly charmed by the CONCEPT more than the pain!! I once heard someone say: I love spankings SO much …why do they have to HURT! LOL ! What a paradox wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a puff pastry! 🙂

  13. Paddlegirl Says:

    Lisa…thanks for the reponse…no harm, no foul. I’m a big believer in a live and let live way of life. I just happen to be one of those that really does crave the pain. Have a great night!

  14. Ooh, that is the tastiest kind of spanking to me too. Off the cuff, but not goofing around. Even if it’s not heavy breathing “ooooh that hurts so GOOD” stuff, sometimes the winking giggles around a party spanking can dilute the mood. Although one of my favourite spankings ever I was laughing. But it really really hurt, and I desperately wanted to stop laughing. That was a whole other headspace, and a really authentic one for me, as nervous laughter has plagued me my whole life!

    On a related note, I was just talking with F the other night about how sometimes I don’t want to take a spanking “well”. Even though on an underlying level I do want to be spanked, I know how much it’s going to hurt, and I don’t want it at that moment, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t spank me–there is something rewarding and real about going through a spanking in that frame of mind, even if it’s really unpleasant at the time. It takes a lot of communication, because it can be confusing and seem like it requires mind-reading. We’ve gotten to the point where I think he knows that no matter how much I protest (and really protest, not cutesy coy protest) the spanking will be a really good thing. If I seriously am not in the mindset for a spanking, I can communicate that with a safe-word. (That’s pretty damn rare, though.)

  15. I’m like you Caronline, when I protest I mean it, but if the top doesn’t follow through I’m really disappointed. The only way I can sum up what goes on with me is that I crave/need the discipline/spanking, but I don’t want it. Isn’t it so confusing isn’t it? These poor tops! But that’s the way it is.

  16. I thought it was wonderful and something that doesnt happen in that setting very often. Not to me anyway. It was completely off the cuff and my mind went numb as I was led away. When Im being spanked for a real offense by someone who wants to spank me for it and change/alter that behavior, well that is a very “complete” moment for me and for him,I always hope.
    You can always tell the guys who understand that. Rad is one of them and to be able to put you in a natural state of submitting to that discipline (again in that sort of setting) tells the spankee a lot about that Top/Disciplinarian. When he lets you up you feel as you should feel, as I felt, glad (really glad) its over, embarrassed a bit and very sure in my promise its not going to happen again. And then there is that feeling (Niki Flynn really did say it perfectly) of having been spanked. Because it hurts geez it does!
    Thanks Rad I loved it! I havent been to Paddles in a while and you really did make my night too 🙂

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