The War On Panties

It’s time to fight creeping Thongism.

Don’t like thongs. Perhaps when I was a teenager, the sight of a thong or string bikini gave me a chubby at the beach but as my sexuality has become entwined with my spanking fetish, I find that I’m more and more disturbed by the sight of them. I don’t even know why they exist? Are they more comfortable than panties? Is it a fashion thing because some vapid magazine decries panty lines like they are the plague? Whatever the reason, I don’t like them at all.

Spanking is not just about ass slapping to me — it’s about the scolding, the putting of person across my knees, the gripping around the waist and, yes, the peeling of layers. There’s a nice little moment when, for example, a skirt goes up and you spank on the panties for a while. It’s a neutral zone between fully clothed and bare bottomed that is in equal parts sexy and modest. When the panties finally are pulled down, it becomes a sort of moment of truth, the time when a spanking finally gets “serious”. I don’t know the feeling that bottoms have but as a Top I’ll tell you it’s when I feel most Toppy. I’m baring someone’s bottom and that really gets into my head with thoughts of discipline and control.

I hate thongs. It totally ruins the experience especially for someone like me who puts himself in the Daddy/Authority Figure position and who is administering discipline. In my mind, thongs are too sexy and that sort of pops the headspace I feel when I am spanking. If a woman is wearing a thong as opposed to panties, I’ll continue spanking them but it will no longer be with the kind of headspace I like to have when doing it. As I’ve explored my spanking fetish and honed it to what it is now, I find that I need the disciplinary angle to be there whether it’s I see the woman I’m spanking as a girl or as a fully adult woman who needs to be punished. The humiliation that I feel is being projected by lowering the panties is a big part of the headspace.

Thongs are too Penthouse for me. I prefer Tiger Beat.


19 Responses to “The War On Panties”

  1. well Rad, I am with you on the realism of the baring of the bottom, however, some things are sacred and as I say, no one sees the “good thing” which is what we call my gold. anyway, as you can imagine, in private, Triple D is not hearing of any thong in the way, but for public parties, I just think its more appropriate, for me that is. I’m not opposed to anyone baring it all, more power to them, and don’t get me wrong, i’m the least modest person you could meet, just not letting the good thing be seen by anyone else but Triple D. but thats just “me”

  2. I’m a fan of having my layers, peeled, too. In a place like Paddles, though, I’d rather play in a thong. A fair number of women in the South and Midwest seem to wear a thong under the panties to allow the ritual but preserve their modesty. Would that also be a headspace killer? It makes no difference for me, but being a bottom is a much less visual experience than topping.

  3. When I am going specifically to play….I will do panties. I don’t own any granny panties….but I do own more modest panties that have to be peeled. Thongs by the way are appropriate for panty line issues…..haha

  4. Sorry, but I disagree Rad…thongs have their place.

    Yes, they are uncomfortable as hell (for the bottom)! But, they offer a layer of “protection” to the newbie just starting out. They allow the illusion of being covered up for the bottom, while giving full access to the cheeks to the top. Win/win if you ask me. My thong allowed me to have the experience of the panties being pulled down while allowing me the covered feeling I thought I needed when I started out.

    I don’t think I would be at the place I am today without the help of the thong!

  5. I love wearing panties… preferably very soft, clingy cotton ones.. trimmed in, or floral. The more ” little girl-esque” the better . I went along with the herd when thongs first becamse the rage, but the moment I put them on … my thought was “wtf”?? First of all, I don’t have the build for them, secondly, it’s like having a permanant wedgie. I don’t even have the time to get into reasons 3 through 200 why I don’t like ’em. When getting a spanking, the moment when they are pulled down is surreal. The PINNACLE of MY spanking kink. And.. no matter how many times it happens.. the excitement and humilation makes me almost deliriously aroused. I LOVE the ” pause” right before it happens. And the pronouncement along the lines of ” Now, young lady., you’ve been very naughty so, THESE are coming down…” OMG. I need a cold shower….

  6. I agree with your theory, but in public I don’t like horndogs staring at my hoo-hah.

  7. I despise thongs! I have never worn a thong and I refuse to wear one. I tried one on once and I felt like I was being tortured.

    I agree about keeping the horndogs away from the hoo-hah and unfortunately I’ve heard that my hoo-hah has made an appearence once or twice without my realizing which is unfortunate and the main reason I don’t play bare in public.

    However, like Rad, the whole thong thing ruins my headspace. I understand why women chose to wear them, it makes perfect sense., but my absolutely hate them.

  8. horndogs and hoo-hahs! omg! LOL! sounds like a good marketing gimmick:. “Buy one horndog.. get a hoo-hah for half off” 🙂

  9. The peeling of layers is important to me. And I actually think panty lines are sexy too under clothes. Thongs actually look like torture to me. That is just my opinion. I tried wearing a thong under panties once at a party and I found myself disappointed when it didn’t come down, too. Silly girl that I am! But I guess it is so much about discipline and control to me…that I need it all to come off. And I doubt anyone is looking at my hoo hah…*giggles* I have always loved that word.

  10. What do the guys think? Is looking at the ‘hoo-hah’ an integral part of the experience, or dispensable?

  11. Indy: As far as I’m concerned, I’ve seen it and smelled it all.

    You’re welcome for the imagery.

  12. :)) Now that I’ve been amused by the previous responses …

    I mentioned elsewhere that I like authenticity in my spankings. When my panties come down, my panties come down. I don’t like thongs, so if I’m uncomfortable with the idea of southern expoure, the panties stay up. They can be scrunched up, which adds its own headspace sometimes. But having my panties taken down means exactly that, although what works for me only works for me and I understand the need in others.

  13. ok..I am gonna venture forth on a delicate limb here and offer THIS question: IS the aforementioned ” hoo-hah”…visible? Are there not ways around that? is this always the ‘goal’ of the spanker? I dont know.. when I am getting it good.. it’s kinda the last thing on my mind…just the pain! I do try to keep my legs together though .. like a “good girl”! 🙂

  14. The reason I usually wear thongs at Paddles is for modesty reasons. I don’t want those creepers seeing my “hoo-hah”. I would be more likely to wear panties in private or if there were not a lot of people watching….. But also… I’m curious about the answer to Lisa’s questions…

  15. Well, I’m assuming that Rad’s extensive visual and olfactory experience derives in no small part from spanking scenes, so I’m guessing that the answer to Lisa’s question is “yes.” Would that account for the guys’ unusual silence on this topic? 🙂

  16. Answering Lisa’s questions: No. It is not always visible and it certainly isn’t my “goal” to see anything. If I see something, whether it is the aforementioned “hoo-hah” or I get a glimpse between her cheeks, my feeling about it is “so what”. It’s not like any person has some unusual body part I’ve never heard of. Trust me, I’m 45 years old — I’ve seen those body parts plenty in my life.

  17. All right, I admit it. Everyone has already seen my hoo-hah.

  18. I hate thongs! As Lisa said, they are like a permanent wedgie. Why would I want something up my ass crack all day? I don’t even like the cute little boy shorts which constantly ride up. I prefer bikini cuts, in cotton or other soft materials. The taking down is becoming more important for me (Max used to start on the bare, but has started peeling) and wearing a thong sort of defeats the purpose.

    I can understand for purposes of creepers, but for instance, Rad you once noticed them and asked if I’d prefer you pulled my panties UP rather than down. I don’t normally like that, but in cases like that, perfect.

    Oh, and seeing a thong above jeans on a girl, screams skank, to me.!

  19. I hatehatehatehate them too, but I have worn them (under panties) in particularly public scenes. It all depends on how comfortable and safe I feel. More and more, if I am playing at a party or club night I tend to wear very thin lace or cotton skimpy-cut “boycut” panties which expose most of the cheeks without the miserable porny look and feel of butt-floss, and they stay up. I miss out on that delicious taking-down moment but I enjoy the experience more because I’m much much less distracted because I’m not constantly worrying about who is seeing what where. Hopefully my increased focus compensates the top somewhat for not getting to take down the panties. Overall, it’s been a good compromise.

    In private, or even at a party with private areas available, it’s panties all the way.

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