No Official Post For Christmas

I was going to put up something today but decided against it. For some reason it felt a little like masturbating in church. Not that there’s anything wrong about masturbating in church because, as we all know, it’ s only illegal if you get caught.

Back to the usual nonsense on the 26th.


4 Responses to “No Official Post For Christmas”

  1. You are too funny, Rad! Church is SO full of penance rituals and guilt..hell, who wouldnt feel like, uh … touching oneself! ( incidently, you havent lived till you have seen me singing that song by the Divinyls in a karaoke bar!)

    Yep. Back to “normal” on the 26th… in the broadest sense of what ” normal” is to any of us! Luckily, I didn’t get TOO much further in debt this year. God. I told my kids: the Christ child Himself only got threee gifts. Why do YOU two..far from divinity, expect more?! 🙂

  2. Insert visual of WPIX running the burning Yule log here …

  3. My father used to love the Yule Log on WPIX – it was a staple of our Christmas Eves along with the screaming.

  4. I can remember the Yule Log on WPIX – it was such a fixture! Wow. I haven’t thought about that in years!

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