Two Years

December 23, 2006: A couple of the biggest wiseasses in or out of the spanking scene tied the knot.

I’ve spoken on multiple occasions about the circumstances surrounding our meeting and the courtship that culminated in our wedding. I will instead wax slightly poetic about what it means to be married to Sandy and what one scene marriage is like.

I think in many respects our marriage is like millions of other marriages: Taking care of a home, taking care of cats, taking care of our careers and taking care of each other. It’s a marriage of two people who, at least for my part, feel lucky to have found each other after long searches and a variety of almosts. The notion that it is a 24/7 cavalcade of spanking fun is not the case although we do have our fun. Our situation in an apartment with thin walls and nosy neighbors makes doing certain things more difficult than others. What it doesn’t interfere with is how we feel about each other and the expression of those feelings.

What a scene marriage does do for me is provide me with someone who gets me totally in the most personal and private way. I don’t have to hide my desires or sneak glances at spanking websites when the vanilla spouse is not looking. We can both be honest and open about our desires, likes and wants – a very liberating thing especially when compared with the alternative. We go to parties together, the club together, other scene events together and enjoy the entire experience as a couple. Even if we play with others (which we both do), we always know that at the end of the evening, the most important person in the room to us will be the one we’re going home with.

Certain things can get a bit dicey at times to be sure. Both of us having a variety of play partners does put a bit of pressure on a relationship – one never knows when the jealousy bug can bite. But we both do our best to be up front with each other and do our best to push down negative feelings. I want Sandy to enjoy herself when she plays and I know she wants the same for me – so we tend not to interfere and support each other when it comes to scene activity when we are apart. We certainly have absolute rules which stem from our marriage vows but otherwise we enjoy the people we both get to engage in these activities with.

I often talk about being lucky that I met her and that’s exactly how I feel. Before I met Sandy, I was resigned to being by myself for the rest of my life. Her open heart and generous nature changed those shadows of things yet to come and brought me the best Christmas present I could have hoped for.

However, it wouldn’t be Radspace if it ended on a mushy note so I’ll conclude with this. Before I met her, I never imagined that I would live a life where I tolerated a filthy feline defecating on my couch without tossing the mangy beast out of the window. Ain’t love grand.


26 Responses to “Two Years”

  1. Ain’t love grand!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Did you guys pick a date so close to Christmas on purpose? I’m just curious what makes two people pick a specific date?

  2. The date? Ask my wife. As the groom on that date, I was just along for the ride.

  3. Happy Anniversary Rad & Sandy!!

    Time sure flies when you’re having fun huh?

    Big Hugs,

    maria fbg

  4. Happy Anniversary Rad and Sandy!

    Love is grand. Grander still when it’s got some spanking along with the love.

    Laura (and Joel too)

  5. How long was your engagement, if you don’t mind my asking? Eve and I rushed into marriage after eighteen years or so.

  6. I asked her in April ’06.

  7. You and Sandy are both so RIDICULOUSLY lucky, it’s hard to not hate you. But, I don’t. I totally congratulate what you both have found, and couldnt be happier in wishing you both a happy HAPPY anniversary…defecating cats notwithstanding!!!!!!!!! GO Rad and Sandy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa xoxo

  8. not that it matters but..I also had a scene marriage. from 12/26/06, till Aug of 2004. Didnt work 24/7 but .. the spanking bug is still there. Takes a fucking LOT to extinguish THAT!!!!!!!!!!! Bigtime spanking in my immediate future folks….like, TOMORROW!! Lisa

  9. oops.I meant 12/26/96.

  10. Sandy!! A lot of us are jealous! Go, you !! xoxo all my best, Lisa

  11. Happy Anniversary!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Two years…..congratulations! I am hoping for many, many more for you both! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you guys this spring.

  13. I picked MY date, Marie .. ( march 17th) b/c it was the only day the justice of the peace had free! lol. I was preggers and HAD to get on his insurance! Romantic, huh??

  14. Happy Anniversary Rad and Sandy! You guys are awesome and I’m very glad to know you both!

  15. Triple D and me Says:

    Congrats to you both. Both Triple D and I have nothing but best wishes for you . We feel you are truly blessed. Although, the felines would definately be flying out the window. hopefully during a blizzard. Just kidding hehehehehe Best wishes and a lifetime of scene living. You two are the best.

  16. Triple D and me Says:

    ps. i cracked up at tonys’ 18 year courtship. We did the same. after 18 years, we finally got hitched.

  17. Happy Anniversary, youse guys!

  18. Congrats, you two. Being in a “scene marriage” as well, I know exactly what you mean about it being more than just non-stop spanking. It’s fun to meld that aspect into the overall marriage dynamic, but as we all know, marriage is about more than that. And from what I’ve seen in knowing the both of you over the last couple of years, you have a marriage that will stand the test of time (and defecating cats).

    Happy Anniversary.

  19. Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. I DO feel lucky (I had to kiss a lot of frogs first, as the saying goes).

  20. Adding my best wishes too! You guys are the greatest. 🙂

  21. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  22. Happy Anniversary!! Many many happy and wonderful years to you. Kiss kiss have a happy!!

  23. Happy Anniversary to you two. Wishing you even more happiness in the future.

  24. Happy Anniversary guys. It’s great knowing you both.

  25. Happy Anniversary, Rad and Sandy!!!


  26. Sorry this is so late!! I love that your anniversary is in December…it is such a magical time of year 🙂 A very, happy anniversary!

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