Little Helpers

The scene is full of people who are only too ready and willing to “help”.

For example, at my very first Shadow Lane party – Fall of ’05 in Palm Springs – Sandy and I were playing and some drunken nut appeared and tried to involve himself with little remarks and atomic breath. Mister Helper. Just recently I was topping someone online and all of a sudden some other guy chimes in with his little remarks as if he’s being invited in to also top this person. Mister Helper. I see it in chat rooms when two people start the banter back and forth and it’s obvious that something is going on there. Mister Helper will always strike again.

Maybe it’s a type of social ineptitude and on some level it’s kind of sad at times. It seems some people want to connect so bad that they will jump in the middle of conversations to get a spank word in edgewise. They don’t mean to be the annoying guy in the room but that’s what happens – the geek who wants to be liked but is just too geeky.

The other kinds are a different sort of animal. The person who starts topping another person’s sub/bottom is mostly a rude egotist who looks at everything as his. He’s some SuperTop who constantly needs to prove it to himself and anyone within his vacinity. People like this are also ready to be insulted when someone points out that they are overstepping their bounds. All of a sudden you’re being instructed by some dude that you should “control your sub better” or some such rubbish. Get lost, Fatso, and take your admirers with you.

The physical intruder is apart from the previous two. He can be bold, inept. clueless or all three and with a huge amount of ego smeared on to boot. Or he could be a drunken slob.


5 Responses to “Little Helpers”

  1. Yes, Rad. I have had online “encounters” fairly recently with the ” “helpers” of the oh- so -ubiquitous “caring, constructive criticism” species. They aren’t helping shit. They are stroking their own egos and probably something else. There is nothing less ” dommy” to me than a jealous, insecure, whiney wannabe.
    OMG. Today I heard the lucky sound of IM chimes signaling the appearance of a ‘dom’ ( VERY little d) who, upon learning that I was talking to YOU …whined” but, but …talk to meeee.. I have known you longerrrrr…..” . There’s the door, and sorry about my high heel up your ass.
    Sorry for all the quote marks!!

  2. At the last SL party I was watching Suzy play with a male and female top. Was a light to moderate scene and she was having a good time. I was just watching… not saying a word… actually was talking with someone else as much as watching. Anyway, in the middle of her spanking… some dude starts to get involved. “Hey, don’t let her say that… hehe.” “Spank her with the wood paddle… lol” “She can take a harder spank than that… snort.”

    He actually made a move towards picking up a paddle and jumping in. Forced me to say, “I think she has enough spankers.” He had the social grace to take the hint.

    I can only assume this sometimes works though. That guys like this get what they’re looking for by using this approach. Or is it that they figure they have nothing to lose? I think there are some that… honestly… have some sort of social disorder and really have no idea how out of line they’re being tpp.


  3. perhaps, the newbie top just doesn’t know any better, perhaps he is a natural go getter and just doesn’t realize that in this scene there is no place for taking over someone elses scene, to improve on, or get his own gratification from. Or like Todd said, maybe this is how he gets his play. Who knows, but that being said ,I have found that in this scene most people are very forgiving, and more than happy to point the new people in the right direction, after all we were all new to this at one point. I was ever so gently put in my place once for talking to loud, and getting involved in someone elses scene. I am greatful to that person and trust me it hasn’t happened again. “at least not that I know of” So lets not get to upset about our little helpers, lets help them.

  4. I understand about being new…but I think of people that I know who are what Rad referst to as “little helpers” who never learn…and they aren’t very helpful. I think that I would like to refer to them as “a little obnoxious”. I think they come off as overly confident, but I think they are actually very insecure.

  5. Little Helpers need a little boot applied to their little arse *grin*

    I hate it when people try and do that sort of thing. I have jokingly commented “Hey, she didn’t say SIR!” or similar during scenes, but I’ve been involved in said scenes so it’s different.

    I think Little Helpers don’t see the difference and think “hey it’s public, so it must be fair game!”

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