Have you had those “whatever happened to” moments? I don’t mean just about some actor who used to do spanking videos.

Although it’s usually a female actor from spanking videos and I’m saying to myself, “Why isn’t she at this party?” Although I could talk about Kiri Kelly all day, I’m really talking about the every day people you met during your time in the scene, whether online or in-person.

Back in the day (love saying that), I first got involved in the spanking scene online pretty much ten seconds after I bought my first computer. Fall of 1994 – November to be exact. I bought a computer which used Windows 3.1 as its operating system and (of course) AOL through a dialup. I’ve already mentioned that I frequented A.S.S. (alt.sexuality.spanking) on the Usenet and then S.S.S. (soc.sexuality.spanking) when that came into existence. I had a screenname which I can’t remember otherwise I’d go back and look at some of the stuff I was writing in those early days. I remember that I met a few people back then that I communicated with online – most I don’t remember but oddly enough, one of them is NY Irish Red that sometimes comments here.

There were so many people I lost touch with in the ensuing years when I sort of fell away from the scene, unable to explore it. I remember one woman from Atlanta whose name slips my feeble mind. I remember she liked my fiction and we started an email correspondence that lasted a year or two after that. That’s someone who I wouldn’t mind contacting because she might remember what my nickname was so I can track down the bad fiction I was writing.

I think about those days and the utter amazement I felt because Tony Elka and Eve Howard of Shadow Lane were contributing right there – these two famous people that I was rubbing electronic shoulders with. I felt cool.

One funny story involving Tony Elka (now he’ll know after reading this): A.S.S. and S.S.S. weren’t the only places I rubbed elbows with Tony – we shared space in a group called rec.music.progressive, a once great progressive rock newgroup that descended into stupid lists and flamewars. I didn’t use the name Radagast in that group but once wrote a review of a concert I had seen featuring a group called The Musical Box that did a perfect imitation of an early Genesis show. Tony emailed me the next day with a cut and paste of my own review and a message that said I should read it because it was the same show I had been to. Yeah, no kidding. A few months later, I must have written something not so hot in R.M.P. because Tony replied to it and proceeded to completely and utterly flame me – total destruction and totally personal in every respect. This is at the same time we’re having cordial conversations in the spanking newsgroup. Fucking awesome.

Ah, good times.


28 Responses to “WEHT”

  1. I flamed you over music? What on earth did you say that tipped me over the edge?

  2. I’m not sure. It might have been Joni Mitchell.

  3. Probably somebody else, I’ve got nothing against her. She should live and be healthy.

  4. Honestly, I can’t really remember if is was about music. You know, it might have been about P2P file sharing and the “binaries” newsgroups. I might have fallen on the wrong side of that argument.

    Whatever it was, since it was another nickname, it wasn’t “really” me.

  5. Good logic, Rad!

  6. Joni Mitchell. I LOVE her! I am so glad she was granted a reprieve, Tony…!
    Her voice has changed a lot over the years ( I have her latest) but her talent still gives me goosebumps. Very inspiring.
    Rad..you DO like her, yes??

  7. Rad…as an aside, I bought earrings off of Kiri Kelley at a SL party in 1994!! Sweet, charming girl. I hope she is well.

  8. Joni Mitchell? I didn’t have a huge appreciation for her but did like some of her songs. Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve started to really understand what it is she did especially during the classic 70s Jazz-tinged records.

  9. I read the obituary of Betty Page – sort of the Kiri Kelley of the 1950’s.

    We probably wouldn’t recognize her if we saw her today anyway – she’s been retired for a while, (and surfaced once for an interview in a feminist art blog.) Just as I wouldn’t be sure it was you, Rad, if I bumped into you on 7th Ave. [And you would plausibly deny being you, anyway 😉 ]

    Last year, Nasty Ed of NuWest gave out the real name of an actress of his from 1982. A Google Search showed she is currently a respected professional. (It must have been the drugs that enabled her brief career)

    In ’07, while traveling, I was for about an hour in the company of a somewhat recognizable man and his family. I used self control, and didn’t glance at him too often. I was positive I KNEW him. A day later, I realized he was a retired star of late 70’s adult films.

  10. Male pornstars never retire, they simply soften-up.

  11. Some actresses might resent the notion that they don’t have a “respected” career, and that they are only doing it because of drugs. Maybe they simply enjoy what they’re doing. Are you saying you’ll watch them, but you won’t respect them?

  12. Sandy – when talking about the NuWest movies of 1982, I can’t imagine them being very serious about any acting they were doing then. (They were called “models” until I’m-not-sure-when.)

    It’s one thing for her to enjoy participating in a club, it’s another to have a video permanently posted on a website because of an indiscretion made in one’s youth. How much do you think she got paid then? I think that her choice to exchange privacy for such a small sum of money was not a clearly thought out decision.

    I think that actresses in spanking films care most about patronage and $$, appreciate admiriation, and aren’t too worried about the concept of respect with regard to their industry.

  13. Many things people do are done because, perhaps, they were not well thought out. Other times they are done because a particular person simply does not care. If I had known that I had some interest in running for a local political office, I might not have been such a prolific purchaser of pornography as a youth or a frequenter of BDSM clubs and events now.

  14. I am personally insulted by your comment ThisGuy45. I have been in numerous spanking movies and while yes, having people enjoy them and recognize you is nice, it is CERTAINLY not about the money, and 90% of us do them because we enjoy it.

    Why do actor’s like to make movies? Because they enjoy acting. Those that hit it big are few and far between and yet, we still have people acting and doing theater and independent films.

    And just because the models in spanking movies are young doesn’t mean their decisions aren’t thought out or that they don’t know what they’re doing. If I had any desire to get into a high profile career, I’d be well on my way to it now.

    Either way, it’s not for you to say why we do videos and what we want out of life.

  15. Let’s all keep it civil. Thank you.

  16. Rad, I’m all for keeping it civil too, but as a spanking video maker who also happened to appear in a couple of Nu-West videos back in the mid 1980’s, I gotta say that ThisGuy45 is talking some serious trash.

  17. The question is put to ThisGuy45 to explain the reasoning behind his remark. Why do you believe that doing videos is not a “clearly thought out decision”? Is this opinion merely based upon your understanding of what would be your own reasoning?

  18. Read the postings again, please. The key words:

    Actress from 1982
    NuWest gave out real name.
    Choice to exchange privacy

    Someone who is currently an educator could be embarrassed (or worse) because of an indiscretion and frame of mind they had 27 years ago. I happened to point out how an amateur performer may have been victimized.

    No comments were made about current generation of producers and performers.

    Where’s the trash?

  19. Hell…, if I were thinner and not a mom, I’d do spanking vids! Fantastic way to express oneself, I’d say

  20. Where’s the trash? See your posting dated December 18th, at 12:31 PM.

    “I think that actresses in spanking films care most about patronage and $$, appreciate admiriation, and aren’t too worried about the concept of respect with regard to their industry.”

  21. I think there’s a difference between “what the general population might consider respectable” and “what kinkos consider respectable.”

    If we’re talking about spanking actors as “victims,” possibly drug addicted, abused, making regrettable decisions, etc., it certainly sounds like you think no one in his or her right mind would make these choices; that, to me, sounds disrespectful. I personally know several people who are and have made these choices because they enjoy it.

    I can’t speak for actors who made NuWest films back in the 80s. I’d guess that at least a good percentage of them were doing it because they liked it. Whether they regretted it later or not must certainly depend on each individual. If I had a better body in my twenties and had the opportunity, I’d have loved to have made a movie.

  22. Let’s see:
    patronage – the support, encouragement, privilege and often financial aid that an organization bestows to another person
    $$ – the models ARE being paid.
    admiration – something wrong with this word?
    worried about the concept of respect – anybody berated by these words?

    I didn’t mention drug addiction or abuse and don’t want to be accused of making disrespectful comments based on things that someone else brought up.

  23. ThisGuy45: You mentioned drugs. I responded to that. I responded to your comments that were insulting to women in a particular field. I really don’t understand your motives behind your comments, but they bothered me, even though I’m not in that line of work. Your posts sounded anti-women. Sorry, but they did. I don’t get why you would assign so many negative motives to this particular group of women.

  24. Sandy, as long as you are going to continue to falsely accuse me of being anti-women and insulting to women without any evidence except your own feelings, I will give you the last word, and promise not to return to this topic.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    What ever happened to Tanya Fox?

  26. Givemebonus funny pics troll face HollywoodGossip and Much More!…

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  27. Eric-nyc Says:

    Yes, Tanya Foxx and Kiri Kelly were a joy to watch back in the day.
    Hopefully all is well with them and the rest of the spanking models.
    Maybe one day they will show up at a future Shadow Lane party.

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