With Wild Abandon

I love roleplaying and think I’m decent at it. I can pop into a role in a very short amount of time and seemingly have “dialog” at the tip of my tongue when I need it. Why?

I admit to loving silliness. It’s a type of humor that really resonates with me whether it’s an old Abbott and Costello movie or Monty Python. My wife will tell you that I will spontaneously break into strange characters, do movie scenes by myself or just erupt into odd body gyrations on a moments notice. I guess being a ham is part of it but it also has to do with my lack of caring over how ridiculous or silly I appear. I want to look silly because I’m often trying to get a laugh out of Sandy – I like when she laughs. My ability to roleplay different characters without a problem probably comes from my lack of embarrassment over looking ridiculous. Since I don’t care, I can pretty much say or do whatever without being self-conscious about it.

As a kid and into adulthood, I felt extremely conscious about myself and what people were seeing; I really did not like me at all. I think this is the reason I started acting a certain way, to sort of manage my image and put one out there that I thought people would like better. This is where my sense of humor comes from. I eventually did become comfortable with myself and the humor actually became something that I used to amuse myself as much if not more than other people.

Because of all of these factors, roleplaying comes very easy to me.  Sometimes I get nervous if I have to spontaneously break into some character but it works out in the end (for the most part).

One of these days I’ll relate the story of dancing to Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker in a Barnes and Noble.


4 Responses to “With Wild Abandon”

  1. you gotta be kidding; I am the FIRST to leave a message?? I am all for humor. I adore humor….

  2. and of course..the GOOD part of your duality ( yes, I know you are a gemini) is that you can also turn into a very strict ” daady” at a moments notice! Not that I’D noticed……

  3. I like making people laugh, too. Sometimes I try too hard. Guess that comes with feeling uncomfortable as a kid and as a adult, too. I still feel very self-conscious during roleplay, though, and would love to have your wild abandon, Rad. You’re very lucky.

  4. Red: Very lucky, very crazy or a little of both.

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