Among The Sophisticates

Last evening, my lovely wife and I attended out first party thrown by the Manhattan Spanking Association in their Lower Manhattan loft. Champagne corks were popping and the air was filled with witty reparté.

OK, it was a fun party of about 30 or so people and very casual. The MSA name, though, evokes some sort of exclusive club of the anachronistic kind with wood paneled rooms and servants dressed in tuxedos delivering hot toddies to men buried in large arm chairs. In fact, it is one of the many newer groups in NYC that are throwing semi-private parties. This seems to be the developing as a norm these days with all the new spanking groups – a sort of approved membership which entitles one to RSVP to attend (although the RSVP does not guarantee admission since there is often limited space). It may not be the most inclusive system but it makes sense if one is trying to keep a party both fun and manageable.

It was a good crowd and everyone seemed to have fun. I enjoyed my play sessions quite a bit and got to role play with someone who I’d not played with before, the results of which were quite satisfying. I got both my “Daddy” on and was also able to tap into evil Dom mode – all in all, a good evening.


16 Responses to “Among The Sophisticates”

  1. Yes, and there was hummus!

    Oh, I loved your flogging last night … very delicious!

  2. Great night, most def! I loved the cozy little rooms, but you have to admit..that main ” mingling room” made me long for a cattle prod on more than a few occasions. ” People! We are CLUMPING!” LOL

    I LOVED getting my ” little girl” on ….I never feel more authentically ” me” than when I am in that mode. I don’t know if this is mentally good, bad, or otherwise. I just know I crave it.

  3. hummus rocks. and I am sorry I only saw a very small portion of you flogging Sandy.

  4. Oh sure, I had to go and miss the party where they were serving champagne and hot toddies…sigh.

    Glad you guys had a good time. 🙂

  5. I so wanted to be at this party but I had family in town for the night. You wouldn’t believe where I spent the evening.

    So glad you all had fun. I hope to make the next one.

    I love hummus!

  6. Tell us, Jules! Did it involve a bizarre religious ritual?

  7. (not that I have a problem with religious rituals).

  8. Rad-It was great seeing you and Sandy last night! The party was fun and I really enjoyed getting the chance to play with you for the first time-loved it!! I said I’d leave replies on your wonderful blog and im a little girl of my word-so here it is 🙂 Keep writing PLEASE- I like reading!

  9. Sigh – I had to attend my company’s Christmas party last night – when I would much rather have been attending the MSS party with all of you!

    I hate when work interferes with my social life!

    Glad you guys had fun.

  10. Sounds like ” love of hummus” should be added to the fetish list! LOL. I sometimes make my own. Its great! 🙂

  11. Is hummus popular outside of big metropolitan areas in the U.S.? NYC is the quintessential melting-pot of cultures so it’s no surprise to find hummus, egg rolls, bagels and pizza on the same buffet table. Are things less “ethnic” in other parts of the United States?

    I must ponder this.

  12. Hi Rad,
    We had a great time, but from the number of comments that I have read, many people missed the party, I think we will need a bigger venue next time, the people were great, a nice mix of different personalities, Nice chemistry all around. I agree with Lisa on her point about the cattle prod. It was a bit crowded and tight. Glad to see you and Sandy and watch you play, Happy Holidays to you both. Triple D and me

  13. sigh. something tells me that now we are going to have to deal with the ” cattle prod” fetishists!! 🙂 Lisa

  14. I love that when I grocery shopped tonight and bought hummus..I thought of you guys …….

  15. Was wonderful…and I missed Sandy’s flogging … but her cane didn’t miss…I can still feel it when I sit down..

    🙂 Jay

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