Best Foot Forward

I recently had an encounter with what I consider a plagiarist.

Although I have only circumstantial evidence, I believe that someone blatantly ripped off a profile of mine on another site and used portions of it as their own. Perhaps I should be somewhat flattered that anyone would do this at all but I am not. I work really hard to write and especially to write in an original manner. I edit and often toss things on the trash heap until I am satisfied that what I am writing is exactly what I want it to say. That goes for a profile, too. Something that is a window to me for people who do not yet know me. To me, it’s important to get it right and I would think that would be something important to others as well.

Which is what I don’t understand about the plagiarist. People like that are caught because often if they are dumb enough to steal someone’s words, they are dumb enough to not change the “voice” to fit their own.  Their other writings come off sounding completely different than the lifted portion. In a sense, they are putting on a facade in the hopes of making people think they are something they are not.

This is what I don’t understand and especially don’t understand in the scene. If a person thinks they are a dullard and needs to borrow parts of someone else’s identity to be interesting, then no matter what they do they probably will continue to be dull. Rather than take something off the rack, which is what lifting another person’s words is, they should be trying hard to put themselves out there as best they can. Writing about themselves in their own words is a start.


7 Responses to “Best Foot Forward”

  1. Rad, I had a similar experiece. A gentleman stole something I had written and tried to pass it off as his own. I work my ass off on everything that I write and I truly felt violated. I confronted him about it and he told me that I should be flattered, that’s how much he liked it. I looked at him perplexed for a second and then said, “I’m flattered that you like my necklace, but if you steal it I’m pissed!” He agreed that was a good point and apologized. The good news is that his writing career went nowhere and he’s selling pharmaceuticals.

  2. Jules: If he’s selling pharmaceuticals then he’s rolling in more money than I have. Sigh.

  3. Last I heard he’s doing quite well. Sorry Rad. What was my point? oh yeah…plagiarism…BAD!

  4. I read somewhere that this is, unfortunately, quiite among in myspace, facebook, and various social networking sites. A sad state of affairs.

  5. I personally can’t fathom why anyone, “writing challenged” or not, would dare to do this and think: A. it won’t be noticed or: B. I have a good shot with a lot of people because of this.
    Lack of creativity saddnes me. Fortunately, I never have to worry about anyone ripping off MY profile, as their typing fingers would cramp up, turn blue, and fall off.

    the whole thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. sort of like an unwanted lemon cookie. LOL!

  6. On days I think I have no life, I’ll have to remember those who have such a barren life that they need to take someone else’s.

  7. One of the things that the internet has done that isn’t helpful is making plagiarism, much easier to do…I mean at least you had to handwrite it all out…or type it on a typewriter, which gave you time to think and maybe change the “voice”. But now it is so easy, copy…then paste. *sigh* A sad state of affairs, and what is even more sad is that in the scene where we can learn who we really are and feel free…people feel the need to copy when we would really like to meet them…not some clone of someone else…

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