Some Final Thoughts

I want to put a period at the end of the experience that was the New York Spanking Extravaganza. Now that it’s over and went as well as could have been expected, I’d like to reflect on a few things about the scene itself.

I’ve complained and criticized the New York spanking scene in the past here and here. This past weekend was exactly what I was talking about that the spanking community in New York needed – a party or event that brings people together to have fun with each other, leaving all the other BS outside. It was a time filled with friends and play and meeting new friends – exactly what any social gathering should be whether kinky or vanilla.

There’s a lot to be said about having the right mindset from the beginning. Although SSNY is a new organization and has not had a lot of time to develop the type of conflicts that crop up when two or more people get together, it has a “mission statement” that is simple – that spanking enthusiasts, wherever they are, can get together for fun and friendship for their own sake. That perhaps it’s better that even if egos cannot be checked at the door, they can be kept in-check by their owners – at least for a little while.

The majority of the reason for the success of this weekend and the SSNY event that was its crux comes from the organizers. I know these folks and know a lot of them have experienced some of the drama of the scene firsthand. Much to their credit and rather than harbor resentments over the past, they’ve done the best possible thing and learned from what they’ve seen and done their best to do better. I’m pretty sure that the good contingent from Florida Moonshine helped give advice and that’s a good thing – FMS is an extremely well run group with fun parties and an excellent mix of people.

This event was exactly what the New York spanking scene needed and I truly hope it only gets better from here.


3 Responses to “Some Final Thoughts”

  1. Thank you Rad for all the kind words about this weekend. I think we all hope that the NYC continues to grow and the scene gets stronger and more unified. I never understood why it seemed so divided. We’re all in this to have fun and that’s what it should be.

    You’re right about FMS being my model group. I think they are awesome and I’ve learned a great deal from them.

  2. I think Jules and Nicole (and Paul and Mike) did an awesome job – I didn’t attend the inaugural party, but I heard nothing but kudos for it. I know that Jules is a huge fan of FMS, and that it had a lot to do with the group she and Nicole formed…but more I think has to do with the core of what they believe in and what they expect. They want fun – they DON’T want drama – and they want people to enjoy themselves. From what I heard, they exceeded expectations, and should be very proud of what they accomplished.

  3. I second everything said on this topic. Well done to all concerned especially you Jules. I think you’ve accomplished something very worthwhile in the sense of your own journey over the past while and also a foundation for others to enjoy long into the future. You should be very proud. Looking forward to making the next super-fun party in NYC sometime soon.

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