Part the Second

The New York Spanking Extravaganza continued on Saturday night with the monthly OTK event at Paddles. Lots of people who came into town for the Strictly Spanking event stayed for OTK Night and it was a crowded, raucous and fun time. Old friends and new friends. Many strappings and spankings. Intelligent and silly conversations. Everything that one could expect out of a spanking night at Paddles all rolled into one.

The evening ended with a hard strapping for Sandy using three of my favorite London Tanner implements – a wide soft strap, my new Irish School strap and the nasty rat tail. I gave it to her as hard as I could, strapping her bottom with the two bigger straps then using the rat tail like a whip on her ass, upper back and arms. Very nasty but enjoyable.

One odd note: After spanking my new friend, Lisa, a woman walked up to me and asked me if I spanked anyone who wanted it. I asked if she meant herself and she said that she did. I said, “Sure”, then took her off to where I’d just finished playing to give her a spanking. I didn’t go too hard on her (OK, maybe a few hard ones towards the end) and there was no verbal component but it was fine for what it was. That has never happened to me before. Strange.

All in all, an excellent spanking weekend.


9 Responses to “Part the Second”

  1. who can blame her , Rad…for wanting a taste of what I just had from you?. That was a DELICIOUS scene by the way , , my friend …you are a GREAT strict ” daddy”. JUST what I need and crave SO very much!

  2. It was a fantastic night. I am deliciously sore. Must go to bed now!

  3. Yeah Sandy, I wanna see that pic on your blog soon 🙂 Your ass was pretty red!

  4. I’ve seen you use that rattail on Sandy at a suite party at SL over clothes. It’s one of those implements that I look at and think “NFW”. Then later I’m thinking.. “hmmm… maybe”.

  5. Laura: The Dark Side is very inviting.

  6. Laura — All naughty girls should feel the rat tail! hee hee hee Ow.

  7. I meant to buy one at FMS, but I didn’t want to give Joel any ideas. I think he is trying to be as mean as Rad. (and I mean that in the nicest of ways of course).

    There is a tshirt out there somehwere that says “welcome to the dark side. we have cookies”

  8. I am getting curioser and curioser about whips….

  9. It was a great night for spanking fans – I have a SuperDarkBruise on my bottom from last night – and I really don’t know who it’s from, but I don’t care, because I had a wonderful time! Whoever left the bruise, I thank you! (It’s definitely from a strap!)

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