A Little Strict Spanking at Strictly Spanking

Part one of the New York Spanking Extravaganza this weekend was an excellent example of what happens when a bunch of spankos get together for spanking with the intent of having unadulterated fun.

The first ever Strictly Spanking NY party was, for lack of a better term, a triumph. About 80 gathered in the first floor ballroom of the NYU LGBT Center and it was a great time. Jules and Nicole, who ran the event with help from others, created a great environment that fostered a lot of interaction and a lot of play.

The space was divided equally between a common room for discussion, hanging out and eating, and about twenty temporary semi-private “booths” for play. It was noisy and wonderful with the sounds of spanking and laughter everywhere. A large contingent of out-of-towners where there including Ian and Tony from The London Tanner and FMS who set up a table to vend their excellent leather goods. I can never resist buying something from them with my goal of owning every single piece…eventually.

Now on to the play because really, it’s finally all about me. Had about seven different spanking sessions, each of them great. I’m not a spank and tell sort of person but want the people I played with who read this blog (and I know some do) to know that the play at SSNY was absolutely terrific and I thank them all for their kind indulgence.

I can’t really speak highly enough of the event and the organizers who did an excellent job. I hope the SSNY parties become a regular thing with perhaps December’s being the main event for the year. Epic kudos.


8 Responses to “A Little Strict Spanking at Strictly Spanking”

  1. I’m so glad the party was a success, even though I was sure it would be! Congrats Jules & Co (you know who you are). I hope to be at the next one!

  2. I only hope I was one of your seven ” great” experiences….

  3. Indy: You were missed and I look forward to seeing you at a future event.

    Lisa: Come on…

  4. Thought about all you guys last night. Glad to hear the party was a smashing success, although that comes as no surprise. Give my best to any and all who may remember D and I from Shadow Lane. Catch up with you all in Florida???

  5. G: You’re suggesting people would not remember the both of you? Pshaw!

  6. If I had any doubts at all about Fri night, they CERTAINLY were put to rest tonight! Fri night was a mere ice breaker! Tonight took the cake….and I wish it was longer! HOT stuff!!!! 🙂

  7. Seeing you (and playing with you) is always a highlight Rad…thanks for trying to curb my instigating ways…;) I’m going to try and be more like Indy from now on!!

    Miss you!!

    ~maria fbg~

  8. Oh man, I need to go to one of these events! I’m not TOO far in Boston. And just scooted over to SSNY’s nifty website/had not heard of this group before–very cool and inspiring.

    Perhaps I can form a similar group in my area someday. Anything’s possible.


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