Hot Daddy Moment

Leaving the apartment this morning, Sandy had a heavy bag over one shoulder and was trying to zip up her coat. As we’ve all experienced, juggling a bag while trying to adjust clothing can be a bit frustrating and she eventually gave up. What could I do but spin her towards me and proceed to button her coat for her while she stood there.

I do know why but it still surprised me that I got aroused doing it. It was such a Daddy/little girl moment that it literally got inside my head and made me think, “Gee, that was hot”. I told Sandy this later over coffee at Starbucks and she concurred that it was for her as well.

I think I have to explore this Daddy thing a little more. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “Hot Daddy Moment”

  1. Well, maybe it was so hot, because it was an every day “real” gesture. It was out of the “usual” daddy context you operate in. So good!

  2. I wike when Daddy takes care a me.

    Now where’s my cookie? You pwomised!!

  3. Oh shoot me for the quote marks.

  4. I love when little moments like this happen . My ex used to crouch down and pat his thigh to have me put my foot up so he could lace my shoes….he also used to sometimes button things…..I love feeling little girley like that. ( except when I am pms’ing…then I’d be like ‘ oh, piss off, will you??”) LOLOL bad girl!

  5. Mmmmm… wow, that *would* be hot. Dang!

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