Shirking My Responsibilities

I really have to make a concerted effort not to get lazy and really see to those things I’m supposed to be doing as far as being a good “Daddy” at home.

My lovely wife Sandy and I have certain loose agreements about things like diet (which she has been doing exceptionally well with…even during the holidays) and things like leaving on time in the morning and bedtimes. She’s asked me to oversee some of these things, make sure she doesn’t get too far off track and punish her if she does. I definitely need to do better at this.

The leaving on time in the morning thing is relatively on track. Sure there’s some fudging of a few minutes here or there but for the most part it’s on time most of the time. Any of the minute differentials can be excised by a soon to come spanking. The bedtime thing is the harder of the two to oversee for a variety of reasons, most of which involve my own distractions.

For many people, home time after work often involves TV viewing – for me it’s online activity. When I’m not reading literally hundreds of news stories every day via Google Reader, I’m writing (here, Fetlife, fiction, political blogs), communicating with friends or going up online blatantly “borrowing” anything that isn’t tied down or password protected (the latter just takes a touch longer). Sandy also gets tied down with her writing and reading. Time passes and before you know it, it’s after bedtime. I’m not doing my job correctly.

On one hand, it’s tough because she’s an adult and adults should be able to do what they want. Shouldn’t they? On the other hand, she’s asked me to watch these things for her so it really does boil down to me having to try much, much harder to keep my end of the bargain. This definitely means instilling more self-discipline, keeping my eye on the clock and making sure that when I see something (like the time), I say something – and doing something about it when she just refuses to listen.


5 Responses to “Shirking My Responsibilities”

  1. That’s a hard one. Spanking for me has never been about discipline so I can’t imagine asking someone else to monitor those activities for me. BUT…as you so wisely pointed out – as your wife and lover she has asked you to help her monitor these activites – so out of love and concern for things that are important to her – you need to step in. Good luck Rad! (and Sandy).

  2. What are you saying, Barb — that I should have SELF-discipline? That sounds good! No spankings for me tonight!

  3. hahaha! I certainly don’t have self-discipline….that’s for sure! If you can pull it off…..YAY! (although…it might be fun to be late out the door knowing what’s going to come later). If I lived with/were married to a spanker…I just might utiize his services in this manner as well! You guys are very lucky…

  4. I lack ANY type of cohesive self discipline.

  5. well then, it’s unanimous — Daddy spanks everyone!

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