Not A Thanksgiving Themed Article

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m thankful for this, I’m thankful for that, blah, blah, blah. I’ll just keep all of that to myself this year and instead serve up a platter of roasted snark.

I don’t do lots of cutesy. My desktop at work features LOLcats but that’s as cute as it gets for me. I also don’t go around saying some of the cloying scene words like tushy or hiney. Sorry, in my opinion, adults shouldn’t use those words even if they are into spanking.

There are two recent additions to my list. The first is “Spanksgiving”. The reason I can’t stand it is that it sounds like someone is trying to shoehorn the word “spank” into one too many things. It’s like seeing spanking references in every delivered swat or vague reference on TV. Why am I so against it? Because I am a reformed violator of this new rule.

I once wrote a story for Halloween that I titled “Spankenstein”. It was a complete and total embarrassment that I will never live down. Then again, I once wrote a story for school called “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein” so it’s obvious that I have very little human decency.

The other thing that makes my spine hurt is the term “spank flirting”. I hear this alot from people as if there are now different levels of flirting that make some things OK and others not. “Ohai! I’m spank flirting” just sounds too prancing-around-the-posies for me, like the people who are doing it are skipping around giggling like idiots and poking each other in the ass.

So maybe these were not the proper thoughts for a Thanksgiving Day but hey, I’m a contrarian by nature. Enjoy the bird.


13 Responses to “Not A Thanksgiving Themed Article”

  1. Happy Spanksiging Rad….(sorry…couldn’t resist!)

  2. oops…Spanksgiving…that’s what i get for being saucy!

  3. Oh, I thought I was the only one that didn’t care for Spanksgiving! One that bothers me even more is “spank you very much”. Yeesh. I just feel unnecessarily hit on when I hear those phrases.

  4. Spanksgiving seemed clever for about 2 minutes. Then I was done with that. As I am with spank you very much, and those who must type butt instead of but. Oh yes. SO very clever of them. I mean, sure once or twice go get your jollies, fine, but after that? Must you? I guess it is one way of me kind of separating people I may want to get to know more out from the rest of the herd.

  5. Is “spank flirting” like “bratting light?” What is it, exactly, beyond regular flirting? (Rad just said it’s “better” than regular flirting because you “shouldn’t” flirt if you’re in a relationship, but “spank flirting” is okay. Hmm.)

    As far as “Spanksgiving” goes, if anyone knows Ross Bound (, a male bondage model, he uses these corny puns for EVERYTHING he writes in the fetish world. It’s ALWAYS “spank you very much,” or “TIEming is everything,” or “BUTT seriously,” etc. etc. I think because he goes so over the top with it, it’s okay. It’s like his little quirk. Normally, though, it’s a bit juvenile.

  6. “Ohai! I’m spank flirting” – you never cease to make me laugh.

    I abso-friggin-lutely HATE the “butt” and other similar “typos” – I mean please can you not spell correctly for the sake of looking intelligent? Your fetish as a reason to spell things the way you want, is NOT a good excuse.

    I haven’t seen Ross Bound’s stuff, but I happen to agree. It’s his little quirk, what he’s known for. He isn’t going it to be cutesy.

    Now, Spanksgiving doesn’t bother me much, although I don’t personally use it. I agree that it’s like wheedling spanking into everything, and I can do that well enough in my own head without the “clever” input. Spank you very much drives me nuts as well, although I can’t vocalize why.

  7. Marie: “Spank you very much”…kill me very quickly.

  8. Spanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Smanksgiving….what ever the day is and was, I’m just glad the day is over! I in the “snarky” mode with Rad, probably cause my in-laws have been here for a week and aren’t leaving until next Tuesday….grr.


  9. I like the term spank flirting. It defines a very distinct form of flirting, to me. Being happily married, I am unlikely to flirt in the world at large. But spank flirting is a nice way of feeling out the waters with a spanker person, without just saying “hey, do you think we might want to do this thing?”. It works for me. Hell, I engage in spank flirting with Floyd to see if he is in the mood, or just awake, or whatever.

  10. I guess I engage in spank flirting, but don’t call it that except to my husband. Not that I think it is somehow better, just a way to explain it to him. Or an easier way to say “oh I just kind of act like a smart ass and he threatens to spank me for it etc etc” when he asks what I talk to so-and-so about. Instead I say “oh we just kind of spank flirt mostly.” I think it helps him differentiate between me flirting with someone I might “play” with as opposed to someone I would want to hook up with. To me it IS a different level of flirting in some ways. Different expectations than there might be with “regular” flirting. But I don’t tend to see flirting in general to mean giggling and poking, so the term doesn’t bother me, lol.

    I’m not a fan of the other Spankwords though. Like others have said “Spanksgiving” was cute the first time. That’s about it.

    I have seen the cover of a DVD called Spankenstein. Looked quite campy.

  11. Roasted snark! OMG ARE priceless! I hate spanksgiving too. (although I will concur with Marie…once was slightly cute) . I get a pain in my adenoids at spanks a lot ….. hate to have my all time favorite activity reduced to utter foolishness. There is a man I plyed with ( ONCE and once was more than enough) who wrapped up our “session” with whispering in my ear.. ” Hot bottoms! Hugs and hairbrushes! , etc” ICK. SO not “dommy” !!!

  12. Too funny — well, I’ve expressed the opinion that the word “tushy” makes my flesh crawl, so I’m with you there.

    For whatever reason, Spanksgiving doesn’t irk me. Neither does St. Paddles Day. However, when people use the word “but” and insist on spelling it “butt,” I find that much too cute.

    It’s funny how relative the opinion of cuteness is. I don’t like the word “ass” within a scene, and I once told a top I prefer bottom. He replied, “Sorry, I don’t get with the cutesy crap.” (heavy sigh)

    I do love threads about gripes. I’m more than willing to join in every time. 🙂

  13. I am always giving F. a hard time for his weakness for spank-puns. The one I howl at is “Best Swishes”. Gag!

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