Does Realism Matter?

As a life-long lover of spanking and a person that thinks way too much (just read this blog), I go back and forth on the subject.

There are times when I think that for a spanking scene to be “real”, it needs to be for real reasons. I’ve even written about this in the past. A grown woman that I’m spanking should be spanked for reasons that are from her real life and the discipline should reflect that. I’ve articulated that although I like role-play, I prefer it to have some grounding in reality.

On the other hand, there are those role-play scenarios. It doesn’t even have to be heavy role-play with pre-determined scenes and well-defined characters. It could just be a little Daddy spanking daughter or teacher spanking student thing. The reasons for the spanking are obviously just as made up as the scene itself and reflect the characters of the moment. A contradiction from my earlier stance – or is it?

When you come right down to it, I think a lot of what goes on regarding spanking is contrived. Even an adult being spanked for something real is somewhat of a contrivance because at it’s core, it is a consensual agreement between the two people. The power dynamic, the authority of one person over the other, is approved by both parties. Even if one is “Daddy” and the other “daughter”, the entirety of the roles themselves are a construct – a far cry from the relationship of a real father and daughter where there is little that’s consensual about the nature of the father’s authority.

Suffice it to say that the “back and forth” I feel about this has more to do with the degree which a spanking situation is contrived. Certainly there are higher levels of emotion involved when one person puts themselves in the power of another – like a real-life DD relationship.

In the end, I suppose I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t truly matter whether it’s real or not. Compared with the vanilla world, what we do is a kind of role-play even if it is in our daily lives as part of our lives. But to the participants, it’s as real as they want it to be even if playing out a script.


3 Responses to “Does Realism Matter?”

  1. For me the question is not whether it “is” real, but whether it can feel real, for that moment in time. Some of the best laid plans have gone awry, and things that actually had grounding in reality and were as real as it gets at this point in life, simply didn’t ring true at the moment. Others, completely contrived, somehow managed to transport me into that time and place. After all these years, I still can’t figure out the elements that create either situation. I think that is what keeps me coming back, hoping for that magic ride again.

  2. I think the most fun part is the new neighborhood we have created with this interest and the games we play as a result of it. You get the fun of being young again with real control that you have as an adult.

    Life throws us all a little (or a lot) of pain and it is terrific when we can convert it in our own little universe into our special time.

  3. I analyze this a lot too, Rad ..sometimes to the point that it almost makes me sad. I mean, my ultimate fantasy is to NOT be in control AT ALL , yet, I know that just by virtue of my BEING a real adult, it all IS within my control. However, because I have a VERY vivid imagination and rich fantasy life, at least it isnt at all hard for me to let GO of said ” reality” and adopt a different ” form’ of reality. Being spanked for real ..for ” for real” reasons is as close as I can get to BEING a misbehaved ” daughter” . The pain of a spanking IS real ..the physical act IS real ..the grievance IS real, and your disappointment is too ..if you have any level of caring for me at all. So..why do people insist on calling it role play? The beauty part is ..all this naval gazing WILL melt away when it is just you and me …you seated standing miserably before you ..ready to receive my “sentencing” ……. Lisa

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