Spanking and Photos

Keeping on the theme of the arts, I like photo spreads much better than I do videos.

There are probably lots of reasons for this. It might have something to do with the fact that spanking magazines back in the late 70s and early 80s were my initial introduction to spanking porn. When I discovered videos, I was thrilled and watched as many as I could afford. However, as time went by, I found that the videos did not tweak my imagination in the same way that photo spreads did.

For the same reason that the book is almost always better than the movie, photo spreads only give you part of the story and leave the rest up to you. Yes, the models are posed in a certain way and in a certain narrative order (often with written description) but it’s up to me as the viewer to decide who these people are and what they are really doing there. If I like photo spreads over videos, I especially like photo spreads where there is no caption, leaving the entire narrative to be done in my own head.

The experience of enjoying photo spreads must also come from my love of comics and sequential art. I loved comics and still do to a certain degree. I initially glance at the art, then read the caption or dialogue bubbles and then go over the art much more carefully, paying attention to the details. This, for me, is the enjoyment of comics. Spanking photo spreads offer me a similar (although not exactly) experience. Yes, the initial glance at the photo is titilating but it’s the details that really get to me. Seeing a bottom in full display is good in and of itself but I always am more interested in the facial expressions of the people in the photo – that frozen moment. I can look at at photo that includes the faces of the participants for a while, looking at the expressions and thinking about their characters and the scenario. Very heady stuff.


4 Responses to “Spanking and Photos”

  1. Totally agree with you on this. The mind works in wondrous ways when gazing at a classic photo, our minds imprinting the luscious image with our own fantasies and dialogue and scenarios.

    For a video to have that kind of power, that is much more of a rare occurence.


  2. Dave:

    I had a premonition that you’d be commenting on this thread. For those who don’t know, Dave publishes the Cherry Red Report and is a connoisseur of things photographic.

  3. I have to agree Rad I like the photos as well. I do not mind watching clips a minute or two but that is about it. I like to play out the scene in my mind when I see a picture or a short clip. It is more fun to me that way.
    Kiss kiss have a happy!!

  4. I agree. Photos and drawings rather than videos. Since first discovering a ” spanko community” back in 1992, I muist have seen a hundred vids, if not more. I could name maybe FIVE that I liked a lot. But pictures? Oh wow…you can totally imprint your own scenarios/fantasies upon them . Know whats weird? In a video, as much as I LOVE spanking, the girl’s distress and pain bothers me. NOT when its ME getting it, naturally, because I long for it. Maybe I am too empathetic. I don’t know. But when looking at a PICTURE ..there is no pain..just images. Its very late, and I am punchy as hell, so I am sure none of that made sense. All I know is that I have a huge box of vids that go unwatched year after year after year. ( except my own ..which I made in 1995 and LOVE to watch! Go figure! ) LOL

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