Spanking and Fiction

I like all sorts of fiction especially the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Hard-Boiled Detective genres. I also love spanking and BDSM lit although the vast majority of that is somewhat trite and poorly written. My dream has always been a combination of both. What I’ve read doesn’t quite work.

Whether it’s the works of John Norman, Susan Matthews, Sharon Green or any number of detective novelists, my many kinky and literary desires don’t always mix. Some authors are obviously kinky because there works reflect that. The above mentioned authors have all contributed with BDSM themed works of varying degrees of success. I’ve seen pulpy detective novels that include everything from spankings to rougher stuff – this usually works in the context of the story and the fact that it is pulp fiction and heavy on the melodrama. I have yet to really find good fictional works that combine these elements into something that doesn’t seem silly.

A personal crusade of mine over the years has been to combine elements of SF and spanking into some kind of story. The results have frankly been bad, mostly because I’m not that good of a writer but also because of the fact that there seems to be little reason for what is going on in the story. I wonder if that has a lot to do with my kink than anything else.

BDSM seems to work better because there is a certain “seriousness” to it that comes across.  A person held in slavery and beaten into submission is something that has gone on in our world and still goes on as far as I know. There is an adult sexuality that’s tied up with it that gives it an edge that I think the spanking kink does not have. For example, there is something more intense about a starship captain or merchant subjugating a helpless crewmember or slave than there is about the same scene if it included spanking.

If I had to put my finger on it, I’d say that for me, spanking has a disciplinary feel to it that is more along the lines of an adult punishing a child than one adult imposing their will on another. In my mind, there is more of the “little girl” in the person I’m spanking than the adult – that’s just the way my mind works. When I read or write, these themes are in my head to begin with and taint the reading experience. If I was reading a science fiction story and all of a sudden a spanking happened which came across as something that is common in that culture, it might seem a little sillier in the larger context than a harder BDSM scene would.


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