Just A Thought.

I’ve been very tardy with this blog but I get away with it so few consequences for me. First of all, go read this blog post by Sandy.

Done? OK, follow me.

I like to chat. I really do. It was the way I started getting to know people in the wider spanking scene. Sure I was meeting people in person at the club and local events, but chat and IM were the places I got to meet people who were not local. Some of these folks are now my good friends. Tonight I’ll probably be participating in the Shadow Lane chat which sounds like it may be jumping this evening. At least, I’ll try and participate as much as I can stand doing so.

My chat style tends to be like my real life persona. I’ve always got some quip, some ridiculous aside, some off-the-wall story or remark to relate. I take little in life seriously and that comes out in chat. For me, chat is not the place to engage in spanking play – that really doesn’t work for me. I like talking about spanking and the topics that arise relating to spanking but I don’t really engage in the back and forth bratting/Topping that sometimes erupts. These sorts of chats frustrate me because a few people are so busy bratting and Topping that anyone involved in any other discussion in the room has their comments quickly scroll away as line after line of “young lady” and cyber tongues sticking out explode in front of me. If anyone has been in chat with me and seen me just leave without a “goodbye”, the reason is frustration at my inability to be part of the conversation.

I understand that people are having fun – that’s why I leave. Being incapable of having fun in that way makes the entire chat useless for me. Perhaps I’m too much of a curmudgeon or maybe I feel out of my comfort zone. But whatever the reason, those kinds of play chats are not my cup of tea.

That said, I’ll be in chat tonight either participating or just observing the mayhem while I play some jewel matching game in another Firefox tab.


3 Responses to “Just A Thought.”

  1. Which chat do you go to?

  2. Usually just the Shadow Lane chat room although on occasion I’ll join a preplanned chat via IM

  3. Curmudgeon’s of a feather flock together. 😉

    – OR –

    Those kinds of chat take me out of my comfort zone too. It’s just not my thing. Obviously, I already know they’re into spanking, it’ll only take another second to find out if they are top, bottom or switch. After that I’d rather get to know people on a person to person, vanilla-ish level. It’s seeing how people handle themselves in a normal conversation that attracts me to them, not how well they can brat or scold.

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