Little Big Girl

I was just thinking about this at work and felt it was as good a time as any to take a fifteen minute break and write it down. What is it I enjoy about spanking a woman the way a Daddy would.

Aside from the fact that it’s been at the root of my kink since I was a kid, it has something to do with the fact that here is a grown woman – an adult – and she’s over my knees getting spanked the way a little girl would be punished. Sometimes when I’m spanking someone, the thought will pop into my head and I’ll say to myself, “Here I am with control of this grown person treating them like a little kid”. Honestly, it’s a turn-on.

I know there are probably BDSM or psychological terms for it but I don’t know what they are nor do I care. For me it’s about the scolding over some misdeed and the disappointed tone in my voice. Then I hear the other person speak, that tone of voice that has a hint of the little girl in it. It doesn’t have to be a lot – just a tinge but that’s all that it takes for me to notice. Then it’s time for the spanking and I sit down on a chair and take them over my lap – maybe there are some last words I speak but then the spanking starts. I’m a layers guy so it’s always over clothes and then down bit by bit to bare bottom. And then when it gets to bare bottom, that’s when it gets serious.

Unfortunately, it’s time to get back to work but I just thought I’d share a little of what travels around my brain on the job.


8 Responses to “Little Big Girl”

  1. Thank you for sharing – and right there with ya.

  2. I haven’t done that kind of role play much, but I’d definitely like to do more. I like that little moment when I realize it’s time to assume my role, to become a rebellious teenager (or perhaps someday a repentant one). Part of me still realizes I’m an adult who is actually looking forward to the spanking, or who now knows that some of the convictions I had as a teenager were rather absurd. The rest of me becomes the sixteen year old I used to be, but much less cautious and accommodating. It’s very liberating in a strange way. And arousing, too, of course.

  3. That is my favorite type of spanking. It is even better if it is for something that I actually did wrong or am working on yet, failing. I never really try to change my voice but I find myself responding to the spankers voice and it always has that little girl hint into it. It turns me on as well and helps too! A win/win situation.


  4. Sometime I think to myself “Here I am this grown person under the control of someone treating me like a little kid” Honestly, it’s a turn-on.

    I am *so* thankful there are people who think like you.


  5. I’ve never been into age-play as such, but I am usually hovering somewhere around 14/15 in my brain when role-playing. As my relationship has grown closer, I’ve been surprised to find myself feeling much, much younger on occasion. Not something I ever thought would happen: a 5’9, 140 lb woman kicking and squeaking over someone’s knee, not with teenagery rebellion (which is quite easy for me to summon up, it’s not THAT long ago), but with truly contrite, powerless little-girl feelings. And the fact that I have scabby knees (clumsy!) and a runny nose (allergies!) most of the time seems to add to the illusion…that was pretty much my permanent state between the ages of 6 and 9. It psyched me out a bit the first time, but when it happens now it feels like something special.

  6. So so perfect…the daddy spankings. I don’t feel it often now-adays, but the feeling of being spanked as an adult woman, responsible and independent in this world, like a little girl, is both a vulnerable and a comfortable feeling.

    The spanker won’t mind, and no one else will know. It’s a chance we rarely get in our day to day lives, to not be in charge, to let someone else be the grown up. To be little, is to be loved….

    This from someone who sometimes feels little…

  7. The common “Daddy” scenario is also at the root, the foundation of my entire interest in this kink, and all the squirmy buzzwords that accompany it.

    Why? It just is.


  8. I ADORE the “daddy” dynamic. And I could totally relate to what you said, Rad, about tones and voices, etc. I have been told that my voice gets VERY soft and quiet and little girly when I am being scolded..and I REVEL in that feeling. Its a real shift to a more inward part of the core “me” ..and its almost as if the ” role play” IS the real world to me ..and the REST is what the illsion is! Let’s face it, we all have to put on different hats and assume different and varied “roles” in our day to day life. Its way cool to me that you give so much thought to all this. I do, too. It’s endlessly fascianting to me. Dave, I love “squirmy buzzwords”. mmmmm

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