Maybe I Should Try To Be More Positive

Most of my observations about the scene tend to be snarky and negative – maybe that’s not the best outlook on things. Rather than focus on the kooks, ne’er-do-wells and personal peeves, it might be time to do a little uplifting on my part and talk about those things that are positive.

For example, I love to spank. I enjoy it – totally and unequivocally. Whether I’m using my hand (preferred) or the strap (second favorite), I like giving hard spankings. Wish I knew all the reasons why I like it and why I gravitated towards it but at this point I really don’t care.

I love seeing women wearing schoolgirl outfits. Then again, I like seeing schoolgirls wearing schoolgirl outfits (the older ones…of course) but I’m not supposed to admit that. Something just clicks in my head when I get to take a “schoolgirl” across my lap. Honestly, I dont have a real problem if they’re wearing something else either but a man can dream.

I love that moment at the beginning of a role play scenario when the person I’m playing with “becomes” the person. It’s usually something in the voice that gives it away but it’s intoxicating to me when it happens.

I love playing with Sandy at the club when what we’re doing moves beyond spanking into something a little more – people gathered around watching me get more severe and really punish her.

Beyond spanking itself, I love those times I get to hangout with people I enjoy seeing. Whether it’s at the club, a party, a munch, online in chat or IM, there are so many people I enjoy talking to and very much like meeting new ones all the time.

Even though it seems like a chore at times, I like writing this blog. It not only helps me get things out of my head but has been a way for me to meet people I might not have met otherwise and the chance to know them a little better. Suffice it to say that I’m always very appreciative of all the comments I get on this blog. Each and every one is thoughtful, often insightful and on occasion even funny. My thanks to all the people who read and don’t comment as well.

OK, let’s face it, I’m not going to always be positive. The reality is that the sadistic side of me enjoys the snarkiness and I get great amusement out of my observations about the oddities of the scene. But moving forward and in a spirit of fellowship with my compatriots in the spanking and larger BDSM world, I am going to really try and make it about what’s good rather than what’s bad. I’ll try. Really.

You can’t prove my fingers are crossed can you?


6 Responses to “Maybe I Should Try To Be More Positive”

  1. When you start to feel snarky, you should spank someone and get it out of your system.

  2. Hey Rad, there are blogs upon blogs upon groups upon message boards that are fun and light and full of all things positive about this thing we do. You give a much appreciated (in my opinion only) reality check that things are sometimes not so easy or so black and white. I like to think of your blog as an intellectual smack upside the head … tho I’d prefer my smacks lower.

    You intrigue me. I find you very interesting. And I hope that the next time we’re in the same place at the same time that I can have the pleasure of talking to you a bit before you’re whisked away for play. Maybe I can entice you with my school uniform? šŸ˜‰


  3. Red: Like I said, I’ll try to focus a little more on the positive things – not that I’ll always succeed. As for talking, I’d enjoy that but please don’t wear any special outfit on my account. However, if you insist…

  4. *giggling uncontrollably* You can’t stay toooo positive for long. Your brain naturally works in an analytical way…not necessarily negative! This was a good attempt though…and yes, you do enjoy it very much!

  5. I don’t see your blog as negative, Rad. To me, it’s pretty clear you love your wife (of course), feel lucky to be able to play as you do, and enjoy the scene. Otherwise, you wouldn’t put up with some of the behavior you occasionally complain about. We don’t have to think the scene is perfect to find it overwhelmingly positive.

  6. I’ve always thought your blog was positive…positively honest and straight forward. It’s actually very refreshing.

    I think sandy has a brilliant idea as well!

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