4 Ways Towards Getting Involved

For all the recent posts about DOs and DON’Ts, there’s one thing that transcends all of those points. If you have the spanking desire and want to explore it in real life, the only way is to actually take the initiative and get yourself out there.

My path to the spanking scene was winding at best but I eventually found it. I wrote in another article about advocacy in the scene but realize on further thought that my question was already answered by the very medium I employed in writing it. So without further interruption, some quick points on getting involved in the scene.

  1. Google it: This service which has become a verb is often the first step I take when looking for information about anything. Typing in the word “spanking” brings up 25,400,000 entries of varying relevance. I find that typing in questions often brings me to what I’m looking for (i.e. “Spanking groups in new england” shows me the New England Spanking Society as the second entry). One link usually leads me to so many others that I often never have to go back to Google again.
  2. Read about it: Nothing gets your beak wet like information and there are lots of places to get it online. From local to international groups and societies, there are a vast number of websites out there that can answer any and all questions you might have about this kink of ours. You can even do it anonymously because there’s often no need to join a darn thing. The best part nowadays is that there are so many free blogs being written by spankos of all kinds – the knowledge base is nearly limitless.
  3. Join in: Nothing gets your feet wet like getting your feet wet so if your eventual goal is to participate in the spanking community, then there’s only one way to do that and it involves actually getting involved. It certainly takes some nerve to peel away some of your anonymity by joining a group or site (even if you use a nickname) but the benefits of it are more than worth the trouble. For example, I’m a member of Shadow Lane, which requires a paid membership, but also a member of Fetlife (which does not) as well as several Yahoo! Groups which are also free to join. All of these serve one important function: networking. I want to meet people and this is an excellent way to meet them from the comfort of my own home. Introduce yourself in a forum, comment on threads, start threads of your own and join chat rooms. If you want to do this then you’re going to have to put yourself out there.
  4. Go to local events: One of the benefits of joining any online community is that you’ll often find that there are spanking related events going on somewhere within a reasonable distance. If you live near a city there will be more things to do but there are groups that spring up all over the place all the time. One thing I suggest is to go to a munch – a small gathering of people, usually at a diner or other restaurant. It’s a great way for people to see who they’ve been talking to online or just a way to meet real live spankos like you. You’ll be amazed at how normal you finally feel when you’re around others that feel the same way. These munches are also a way for those that throw actual spanking events can get to know people before they are invited. Let’s face it, a person throwing a spanking party is not going to invite just anyone into their home without getting a feel for them first.

Obviously, there are others paths that can lead to the spanking world and it also depends on your own ability to participate, but if you can, it’s certainly a tiny bit more interesting than just watching videos (although there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’d like to do).


One Response to “4 Ways Towards Getting Involved”

  1. I can personally say that many areas have some very safe and welcoming kink communities. Here in Maine there’s several terrific groups that meet monthly at local restaurants and pubs. I discovered them on alt dot com in the groups section of the website. I know they aren’t all so terrific, but some are and we’ve made some nice friendships as a result. Blessings!

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