Easy Rules For Guys

Very busy day today for me but I can’t let it go by without posting something. In keeping with a comment from last time regarding the spanking scene being like dating, here are some very easy tips for guys. I’m not singling guys out but being a guy myself, it’s more P.C.

There are some basic rules that men coming into the scene can follow which can only enhance their chances at success. Since I’m talking to guys, I’ll dispense with the fancy talk and get right down to it (you curious women can enjoy as well).

  1. Don’t Stink – Bathing and cleanliness are pretty important to people you’ll meet and to me as well. Do your best not to smell like B.O. or smell like ass (and you know what I mean).
  2. Don’t Be A Slob – You don’t have to buy thousands of dollars of wardrobe or fetish gear to be presentable. Sometimes jeans and teeshirt look OK but try to diversify a little. You can keep the jeans but add a nice pullover like a henley or even something with a collar. You don’t have to do it all the time but at least try not to look like you just fell out of bed.
  3. Don’t Stalk – There is not a fine line between persistence and stalking. As a matter of fact, it’s a wide gulf. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them. Don’t just follow them around like a dummy hoping a conversation will spontaneously erupt. If you see a group of women standing in a group, don’t just stand somewhat close to them staring in their direction quietly. It’s creepy.
  4. Don’t Sulk – Someone says no then it’s no. Move on. Acting like a three year old is not going to get that woman to change her mind. However, it will make me laugh so there is that.

Notice that I have not even mentioned anything relating to spanking at all. This stuff is even more basic than that. I don’t mean to seem condescending but I’m constantly surprised how often I see fundamental faux pas of this kind. I figure if I repeat it over and over, every so often one person or another will benefit.


5 Responses to “Easy Rules For Guys”

  1. I agree 100 percent with my husband. And P.S., these rules apply to women, too.

  2. These rules are all “don’ts”. How about some “do’s?”

  3. Malcolm: The Do list is forthcoming.

  4. This is an excellent list…I am surprised how many guys don’t realize how important these simple things are and it can be easily changed to do’s, Malcolm. Good Job Rad..and yes, Sandy these easily relate to women too.

  5. Ladies: Don’t stink, but don’t overdue with the perfume. If you are clean and use deoderant and lotion on the limbs, then you are most likely OK.

    Don’t be a slob. Shoot – go to Target, Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls, and find a skirt (and Panties) on clearance. Even I have found shoes with heels for 20 bucks or less at these stores!

    Don’t stalk. Enough said. If you see a Top you think you want to play with, then go up to him and start a conversation. (That’s what I did with Rad – or maybe he did it with me – but DON’T be shy – we are all here for the same purpose!)

    Don’t sulk. If the Top you want to play with says “no”, then move on. Don’t waste your time. There are plenty of guys out there – beginners and “oldtimers” who want nothing more than to play. Cultivate them. (And ask the locals who they are.)

    Have FUN!

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