Love Our Lurkers III

I am not a joiner by nature, often reveling in my iconoclast nature. However, Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts sent me a note, part of which described the event thusly:

The idea is that each of us, on one designated day, will post a message inviting our silent readers to leave a comment and introduce themselves.  If we all ask, even the most bashful might be inclined to poke their heads up.

So this is what’s going on today as part of this blogospheric event. If you come hear to read but do not comment, I invite you to do so now with a remark of your choice. But remember, if anyone pokes their heads up and sees their shadow, there will be three months of winter ahead beginning December 21st.


17 Responses to “Love Our Lurkers III”

  1. At times I find myself lurking on blogs as I get to know the writing of the person who owns the blog & also the writing of the comments. Admittedly it is not often that I am drawn to comment on a post, though I do try not to be completely silent.

    So, this is me, delurking for the day.


  2. I am not a joiner by nature, either, but the International Delurking Day organised by Bonnie is a worthy occasion. And your blog is a nice piece of work, so let me join in saying that I really like it. I think it was Indy who originally brought it to my attention. Ever since starting my own blog, I don’t have the time to read others as much as I would like, but this is one of the ones I keep an eye on. Always interesting to read the thoughts of a fellow male top. Haven’t commented before, so consider this my delurk.

    I did not see my shadow.

    Best wishes, and happy LOL day,


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  4. I may have commented here before, but thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know I stop by sometimes. Thanks for a good blog.

  5. Hello…first time here. I just checked a link on another blog doing LOL today. Thought I’d say hello. *grins* Just going to take a look around now. Blessings!

  6. Hi Rad,

    I visit your blog regularly. Keep up the great work.


  7. I’m a lurker! However, I enjoy each and every blog post. 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Lurked here a few times, it is about time I said hi.


  9. Radspace,

    I have lurked here several times. Thank you for maintaining a well-written and informative blog.


  10. Lurk… lurk…
    I do feel more like a lurker these days. Just happy I found your blog (thanks to Bonnie) which I enjoy reading immensely. Thanks for the posts and comments!

  11. Rad,

    While I’m not a lurker, I will admit that I read here a lot more than I comment. You have some excellent discussions and I am frequently tempted to dive in. Alas, the time constraints of real life and the pull of my own blog responsibilities too often drag me back from the precipice.

    Anyhow, we really benefit from hearing the male perspective around here and you dispense it liberally. I like that.

    Thanks for joining in our Love Our Lurkers celebration!


  12. It’s definitely good to hear from a male top’s point of view. When I was looking at Bonnie’s site to see who was participating, I noticed there ARE other males tops who blog. It doesn’t seem all that common, for some reason, but when you do come across one it’s great to get insight into what they are getting out of What It Is That We Do.

  13. Radspace,
    I live in Minnesota. That means winter has already begun and will continue for the next 4 months–maybe 5.
    In other words, I’m not risking anything by poking my head up. Happy LOL Day!

    Dr. Ken,
    Spanking Minnesota

  14. Hi there.

    Long time listener, first time caller also – here all the way from Ireland 🙂

    I love reading this blog, both for the perceptive topics and the highly considered responses. It has also struck me (from what sandy says above) that the male top’s point of view (and various female bottoms’ comments on said view) doesn’t get articulated quite that often. Or if indeed it does, never as insightful or with a level of refreshing honesty as found in this forum.

    So thanks Rad for doing your bit in this regard. Am learning quite a lot here 🙂

  15. Hi, Rad! Your blog rocks. Just thought I’d say hi.

  16. Whoo-hoo! Kudos to all the lurkers who “un”-lurked! (By the way, Bonnie – love your blog!)

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