The Creature Inside Me

A spanker who loves to spank – that’s me. But there’s another related kink I have that I believe many men and women in the scene have. And we’ll talk about that right after the jump.

I can’t help it, I’m an ass freak. This is something that probably happened around the same time that I became a spanko in my youth. Some people like legs or breasts or whatever – I love the backside.

Back in my school days, it was the height of the Jordache Jeans era. Every single girl who could fit inside a pair of those things wore them. I don’t know how they walked or sat or did anything involving more than a slight movement of the thighs and legs but incredibly they were able to survive and even thrive inside those jeans. Girls dressed like that were a complete and utter distraction. I remember having a few of them in my Biology lab and the distraction caused by them bending over a lab bench made me screw up more than one exercise.

Teacher: Young man, you’ve completely destroyed the experiment and killed every fruit fly in the world.

Me: Yeah, but what does that have to do with me spanking that girl over there and putting this thermometer to good use.

The above conversation never happened in real life and fruit flies are still plentiful but it probably was what was going on in my head at the time. However, somewhere along the line I became good at compartmentalizing my kinks. I don’t know how this happened but it was most likely about necessity. Even before I got involved in spanking for real, I had separated ass play from spanking play in my own head. The two were only slightly related anyway especially when the flavor of the spanking kink is towards the disciplinary. Yes, it’s interesting to combine the two but those times are few and far between.

When I’m playing, especially when it’s a discipline scene, I find that my mind really puts me in the role and that the ass lover part of me gets pushed way to the back. I’m really not 100% sure how this happens. It’s not as if I don’t still have it in me just that for whatever reason, it goes to sleep for a while. Strange. Maybe it has something to do with the concentration that I use to do the scene whether it’s a straight role play or just me spanking someone.

I can honestly say that at least for me (and certainly for the person being spanked, I suppose), it would be a little too uncomfortable to be spanking someone and have my mind travelling to that place spontaneously. Paying attention to what I’m doing is difficult enough without my mind going to twenty other places, fruit flies or no fruit flies.


9 Responses to “The Creature Inside Me”

  1. But I love being spanked by someone who is admiring my ass

  2. For me it gets in the way but there are many out there who would be glad to admire your ass while spanking you.

  3. I’d prefer for you to just beat it *grin* admiring your handiwork comes after, right? 🙂

  4. I know….lol…I’ve found a bunch of them. I am still trying to figure you out Rad. You have a real sense of who you are….but you have everything very compartmentalized – which I’m sure is a sign of acute organization – of which i am sorely lacking. My mind and my life is kind of garbled and I rather enjoy it that way – but I often yearn for the sweet organization skills of others I know. I CAN compartmentalize….but I am more of a hippy figure just letting things happen. So interesting! (especially to a sociologist like me).

  5. KJ: There is always time for admiration.

    Barb: Figuring me out ruins the mystery.

  6. I’m not sure which spankosexual, spanking enthusiast, what have you, is *not* an ass freak.

    Perhaps spanking essentially is, at the heart of it, well, spanking is a form of ass worship, right? So let’s all bow down to the altar that is a gorgeous, perky bottom. 🙂


  7. Rad’s an ass freak? Go figure. Um, me too. But then, if you’re a spanker, its highly unlikely you’re NOT an ass freak. “scuse me, but, k’s ass is calling me….

  8. as one of many ladies who can be insecure/shy about my bottom, I’m always happy indulging my fantasy that the dude whacking me might be just whacking me and not particularly noticing my bottom. :p

  9. Hmmmm – delicious conversation. I adore anything M/F to do with spanking…and even if in the right situation/story…F/F. I hate my butt – as I know that many women do…and I love it when a guy is spanking me and telling me what a beautiful/cute/awesome butt it is! I know these guys are nuts – I KNOW what my bottom looks like – but I love playing with them because they are sincere! They think my bottom is great! It may not be awesome or perky, but as long as the guy spanking it thinks it is – I’m a very happy girl!

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