Friday Potpourri

I’m just surprised I spelled potpourri correctly.

Item #1: I’m debating whether to go out tomorrow night or not. After a tough week at work, I need to blow off some steam and maybe going to the club might be just the thing for me. The only question is whether Sandy and I want to go and just do our own thing or be social and play well with others. I’m not even sure we’re going out yet so that’s jumping the gun a bit.

Item #2: Over the years I’ve read lots of spanking stories where the actual spanking is followed by sex – usually a blow job. I’ve even written stories like this myself. I wonder why it is that so many writers (and I don’t have the breakdown between male and female authors) throw this in. Is it merely projection on their part – putting themselves in the scene? Is it part of the humiliation aspect of the story, that a person is punished and then forced to submit sexually? I know I wrote stories that featured that kind of thing because, basically, it got my rocks off.

Item #3: Sandy and I had a conversation this morning about people exploring the scene yet unable or unwilling to put their finger on what it is they exactly like. My feeling is that when all a person has for years are fantasies to play out in their heads, they accumulate a varying array of things that titilate them but aren’t yet sure which one (if any) is their thing. I know that when I came out in the scene, I had some idea of what I liked but was not totally sure until some time had passed and I’d gotten to play in a range of ways. Then and only then was I absolutely sure that I was a Top and sure of what kind of Top I was. I just think people who are getting their feet wet just need a little time (and real experience) to figure it all out.

Feel free to discuss these points or to offer your own for our enjoyment.


4 Responses to “Friday Potpourri”

  1. Hmmmmm….as a person who has known spanking got her off for years but just recently started exploring it….I am still trying to figure stuff out. I know I am primarily a bottom….but think I could switch. I thought spanking was for me primarily a sexual act – but am exploring the discipline realm of spanking as something that could be very satisfying. I think its a process….and an evolutionary one if you will. We are allowed to change and transform within our kink to find what suits us at that particular time. I think most of us will always have a base kink that feels good to us.

    With regards to the blow job/spanking scenario – this flows back to the fact that spanking IS very sexual. Often tops have significant others….so maybe a blowjob is within the realm of an acceptable way to end the spanking. Hmm….I will definitely think on this one…

  2. ThisGuy45 Says:

    Re: #3 First, it was amazing to have found that there are women who desire spankings who aren’t fictional creations in videos.

    Then, the realization that the possibility exists of actually being able to connect with one of them.

    Which may make it worse mentally, because now there’s the anxiety of figuring out what would make me an appealing partner, and what to do/not do to make sure that I don’t mess things up.

  3. Re #2, I seem to have read more of the spanked-taken-from-behind version, though the blow job is the standard reward for the male spanker who must be convinced that this is a really good idea. The former certainly has a strong, visceral appeal and seems almost as common in spanking fantasies written by women as the partner who can read your mind. I’ve always wondered if guys roll their eyes at the mind-reader in the same way that I do at fantasies that helpfully provide the woman’s measurements.

  4. Indy: The measurement providers are those folks who got their writing tips reading Penthouse Forum or old pulpy detective novels.

    As to the phenomenon of fictional mind-readers: Only slightly more believable than vampires and nine foot tall alien Adonises.

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