The Serious Stuff

In chat last night, I was discussing the types of spanking scenes I most enjoy and finally admitted that for things to work for me, they have to have at least the veneer of seriousness.

This is not just true of spanking play but of other recreations in my life. Whether it’s fiction or video games, I have a great preference for an atmosphere that is devoid of humor. Mystery, science fiction/fantasy or erotic novels with humor often fall flat for me because I like those things to be serious action/adventure. When it comes to mysteries, I pretty much want them to be deadly serious with as much violence as can be crammed into the prose. Video games are similar for me – if it’s some cutesy character hopping around collecting candy canes so he can save the Princess Confection then it’s not going to work.

In life, I often see everything around me in a cynical way and use humor to “soften the blow” of the realities that surround me. It’s either that or get very, very depressed or angry about pretty much everything. Laughing at things and sometimes laughing at things that others don’t find funny at all keeps me as sane as I possibly can be at this stage in my life. Yes, my sense of humor travels in non-PC circles but most of that stuff is confined to my own head – only about ten percent really leaks out into the world around me.

I’ve said that role playing is like taking a mini-vacation from the real world and being someone you’re not even for a short period of time. The “seriousness” that I create in those characters (and when I’m just doing a punishment spanking as myself) is part of the scenery that allows me to get into full headspace mode. If I play a Dad, I’m going to be angry Dad. If I’m playing a Teacher, I’m going to be angry Teacher rather than some goofy, over-the-top caricature of a teacher like something out of a sketch comedy show. Getting into the “real” headspace of the moment is important to me – humor or lightheartedness is quite distracting. Normally if I’m being funny during a spanking it’s probably because I’m not in my comfort zone – humor is my fallback position when I’m nervous.


4 Responses to “The Serious Stuff”

  1. I wonder why that is Rad. I am usually a smart-ass by nature…..(or a brat depending on who you ask lol). However there are things that I am very serious and passionate about…..but play is always exciting. I guess there is so much seriousness in my real lie…that I need the release of humor.

  2. I think a lot of us choose a spanking style that seems like a mini-vacation from the real world. It’s interesting that the qualities we seek in that vacation can be so different. At least for now, I enjoy a number of play styles. But there are certainly a number of people who make no apologies for insisting on a Just-For-Fun style, and there’s no reason others shouldn’t prefer the opposite.

  3. Barb & Indy: My choices are only for me but they are ones that I like to stick with for my own enjoyment.

  4. I was going to say that it’s funny that you posted on the subject of role play, but then I thought that you might think I was trying to be funny, when I did not mean funny, as in “ha ha.” Unfortunately, it’s so easy to have linguistic misunderstandings online and alienate people with humor that falls flat.

    Consequently, I prefer hearing from people who more or less tell it like it is. I guess that’s the New Yorker in me and part of why I’ve found it difficult to bond with others in CA. I’m too dark and cynical — even occasionally sardonic to please most people here, though somehow, my husband, who is a very upbeat, gung-ho kind of guy (except that he is terminally vanilla) manages to put up with me and all my moods and humors.

    I’ve always maintained that I no nothing of role play, since none of the tops that I’ve played with have been particularly interested or good at doing it (especially disciplinary scenes); but then last night, it occurred to me that I do actually know quite a bit about role play: I remember back when I was about 9 or 10 (and younger) when I used to play out various scenes with friends from school. Usually, they were based on some historical reference, but almost invariably, they included elements such as slavery, punishment, whipping, etc.

    Oddly, though I am a confirmed bottom (I think…), I was often the “top” in these child’s play dress-up games. I remember, however, that I always had the desire to be on the receiving end, but in order for that to be possible, I had to create the environment by being the initiator, as I so often am in real life…..

    My ideal role play situation involves a top who is truly in control and knows how to convey reality without making me laugh — or at least, if I start off laughing because I think the situation is campy or I feel uncomfortable, he is a good enough actor to put me in the zone and make me feel that the situation is REAL. That would take some real acting skill, as I’m a difficult specimen!

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