What’s Going On Around Here?

Went to a spanking party last night and once again noticed the sparse crowd. I’m really starting to wonder about the New York scene and whether it’s in a serious period of waning. Whether it’s the economy or lack of interest, there is definitely something going on.

I’m really wondering whether there are just too many events for the population of spakos in the NYC area to sustain – especially ones that are paid events (as most are). Maybe people are finding cheaper options at small gatherings in each others homes rather than the larger events. However, these small private parties are not exactly places where newcomers are welcome and are difficult to discover for someone just getting into the scene. Maybe more people are meeting online and deciding to get together one on one rather than going to parties and trying to meet people that way.

There have recently been an explotion of groups around these parts and I think that along with the existing ones, are dividing up the attendants between them especially if the events are too close to each other on the calendar. I was kicking the idea around in my head of a meeting between the different groups to create an overall coordination committee. Perhaps spreading the events around over the calendar year might do something to generate a better turnout for everyone. Maybe even borrow an idea from the “bowl” system in college football where the championship events go from bowl to bowl depending on the year. Two groups could have major NYC events one year and two others the following year. Don’t know if it would be feasible when taking egos into account but it certainly would balance things out better.

Personally, I just like an active scene with lots of people enjoying themselves. NYC should have a more vibrant scene and it’s quite disheartening to think that the best days happened before I joined.


9 Responses to “What’s Going On Around Here?”

  1. Any chance that real life (as in family and such) would be interfering? It was the weekend before Halloween. Lots of High School/college football/homecoming events are going on. (At least in our area).

    The thing about NYC having so many spanking events is that people have to at some point pick and choose which ones to attend. Pesky real life intruding yet again on spanking fun. Something is so fundamentally wrong there. I mean, where ARE the priorities?

    As an aside, there are little snowflakes on our forecast for overnight. I am SO not ready for the little snowflakes in the forecast.

  2. Part of my deal…is that I don’t really go to scene parties. I mostly do private spanking things. I think we have a pretty active scene here in Denver…hmmm….economy is probably a big part of it.

  3. I love private play the best…but if I can’t have that, then I enjoy going to parties. I do think that the splinter groups have gotten out of hand – I can’t afford to go to a party I have to pay for every week – not just the cost of the party, but the gas to get there, because most are in Manhatten, and I live in PA. I can afford two a month at the most, and since I also meet with someone one-on-one (which is my first round draft choice), that’s 3 times a month I’m driving somewhere!

    My wish is that the groups would consolidate, and we would have an awesome party once a month…but, that’s MY wish.

    (Laura – I’m with you – tell the snowflakes to GO AWAY!)

  4. I share your concern about the scene here in NY, Rad. We have a number of small groups in the area now, and it’s impossible to go to all the parties. After re-reading that last sentence I guess we should be grateful for the different opportunities at hand, but I can’t help but think that the one place that’s really being effected by all this is Paddles.

    I, too, have felt that the best days happened before I became active here in NY.

  5. MrCommenter Says:

    Explosion of groups? Just how many have appeared recently? And where are they drawing their membership from?

  6. MrC: Perhaps a little hyperbole on my part but I am hyper so…

    There are two new groups that have recently joined the fray but all are drawing from the same pool of participants. At some point you run out of people willing to plunk down the money (what Susan said above).

  7. MrCommenter Says:

    Is there a published directory of groups on the web? Can people interested find this list easily without having to wade through lots of listings of nasty sites?

    Maybe the problem is the inability of interested new members to find a club to join.

  8. I’ve noticed the decline of Shadow Lane as well. The chatroom died first and now the bulletin board is dying a slow death. I know for myself, I’m extremely busy with real life right now and don’t have nearly as much time as I used to. Sometimes this kink just wanes in me and right now I’m in one of those slow times.

  9. MrC: I think there is some truth there. Other than Shadow Lane (which lots of spankos know through their video productions), there are few widely known spanking related social groups. Even TES was something I’d never heard of until I was already in the scene. If they were doing outreach to generate membership, I was unaware of it for many years.

    Lynn: All sorts of interests wax and wane over time. What seems a low period now for you will pick right back up before you realize it. As for chat rooms and message boards – they are only as active as the people who are willing to write there. Most people are frustrated writers so there you have plenty of space to write.

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