I Need Some Role Play Soon

After my last foray into the “acting” world, I came out of it somewhat mentally exhausted from immersing myself in many roles. Why am I craving it now?

I hear from lots of people who talk about about craving spankings – that the need gets so great that they feel like bursting. I’m starting to get a similar feeling right now except it’s to be on the giving end during a role play. I suppose it’s the frustrated ham actor in me but I really am starting to want to scratch that itch.

Whether it’s playing the daddy/uncle, teacher, detective, doctor, whatever – I enjoy it so much when in the midst of it that it gives me nice jolt of headspace.

Who knows? I may live to regret wanting it considering how I felt after the Shadow Lane party. Perhaps I’ll just try to keep the role plays down to a reasonable number to be determined later.


9 Responses to “I Need Some Role Play Soon”

  1. I know a great role play we can do. You can play sugar daddy and take me shopping!

    I’ll role play the good little girl. Let’s not take this fantasy too far, though — the presents can be real.

  2. hahaha Sandy! That sounds perfect!

  3. So far, I really like role play, too, and would like to do more of it. It seems like it would be fun to have a couple stock characters to play, making it a bit easier to stay in character without having to concentrate too hard. I suspect it’s harder to role play well as the top than as the bottom, though, since you have to remain in control of the situation whatever the naughty girl might do…

  4. Indy: I have a combination of “stock characters” but always leave room for tweaking based upon what the person wants. The “dad” and “teacher” are the easiest.

  5. Role play?? Did someone say role play?? I know what you mean when you say “crave” it. Just like craving a spanking, sex or food, a crave for role play is an itch that needs to be scratched.

    But just like with a spanking, sex or food, a roll play session gone wrong can really put a bad taste in your mouth. There are some out there that attempt, and actually advertise that they are good at it, but in reality are awful. How do you tell someone politely, “let’s just stick to the spanking, mmmkay?”


  6. D: I suppose there are people that are not good at it and nothing will improve their ability. I tend to think that most people can figure it out eventually.

  7. Can I play too Sandy?

  8. hey i love role playing i really love being the bad boarding school brat or daddys naughty little girl will do other things but those are my favourite i love it when the house master or my daddy is very very strict which is why i love house master so much more i love being able to talk back but also being scared not to i crave it loads to sometimes does anyone know online sight whwre u can do it

  9. I’ve read lots about role play, both in fiction and R/L, but it’s something that I’ve never really had any experience with. On the surface it sounds fun, but I worry that it will seem hopelessly contrived. Maybe I just need the right experienced partner to lead me, guide me, and ultimately get me over his lap!

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