Sunday Morning Survey

WordPress has been nice enough to provide me with this toy and it would be very ungrateful of me not to use it as soon as possible.

Here’s the setup: A lot of people in the scene make compromises about who they play with often based upon available play partners. That doesn’t mean they dislike who they are playing with or find them unpleasant, just that they don’t fit the niche in their own minds of an ideal play partner.

Please enjoy this totally unscientific poll and happy voting.


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Survey”

  1. So far I have never compromised or played with someone I wasn’t totally comfortable with. I have had one bad experience but not based on chemistry beforehand. Life is too short to compromise… my humble opinion.

  2. Yes I do think that some compromise needs to happen. I want the spanker to enjoy what he is doing so I will adjust to make that happen for him. Most of the time they also adjust what they will do to make in enjoyable for me as well. Communication is the key. I recently played with someone new this weekend and we had a great time. The compromises we made for each other really enhanced out session together.
    There are some things that I will not compromise on. Those things are usually talked about well before the play session even happens.
    Kiss kiss have a happy!!

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