If You Build It…

Whether it’s a blog or a party, attracting people to anything, especially when it’s a small community, is hard work.

Times are tough right now and people are looking to cut out costs that are not necessary. Luxury items and entertainment options are often the first to go. I’m somewhat lucky with this blog because the costs are extremely low for me and non-existent for the reader who already has Internet access. The only thing I require from anyone is a couple of minutes to read a page of words. Let’s say that I wanted to put together a spanking party that required admission. What would be the challenge for me?

First of all, I would have to determine if anyone had any interest in attending. This is just market research. How many people within a certain area would like to attend? How many of those people can attend? How many of the people that can attend are willing to pay to attend? This is the single most important part of any endeavor that requires the consumer to spend both time and money – everything else is just logistics and organization.

I travel in many circles outside of the fetish community. In a few of them, I’ve seen people with tons of passion attempt to put together events or open up businesses with, at best, moderate success. The thing they are often missing is business smarts. A person can love science fiction books and think they can make a go of it opening up a boutique shop. I’ve known a couple of folks that tried this or something similar and they all neglected to realize that their view of things was tainted by their obsession with the subject. They mistook their passion for the consumer’s passion and also neglected to realize that although the consumer might like the “atmosphere” of a particular store, they can often find exactly what they are looking for at a chain store (and get coffee, too).

Spanking parties are options for people in a certain area to meet others with the same kink, get a chance to play and maybe even meet someone special. However, the number of people in a community willing to come out and plunk down their money is finite. They might be able to afford one or two events but more than that and they start to look at their finances. The desire might be there but the reality intrudes. Marketing is also realizing that a particular neighborhood might be able to sustain two pizzerias but not three.

One of the other things that seems to be neglected is the power to sell. Salesmanship, often derided, is a part of every day life. When you meet people and do the things that make them like you, you are selling yourself. Dale Carnegie was right – case closed. Being a “good person” is sometimes not enough because lots of people are good. A person putting on an event has to be willing to get out there, sell the product and attract customers. The unfortunate reality is that some people are natural at sales which is often seen as having an outgoing personality or at least one that intrigues people because of its uniqueness. Let’s face it, if something is the only game in town then people have no choice but to attend whether they completely love it or not. When other options arise, the attendees can vote with their feet and their dollars.

Whatever the hurdle or obstacle, doing anything that requires the attendence of a limited audience is a difficult endeavor and those folks who actually accomplish it are very good indeed.


2 Responses to “If You Build It…”

  1. hi rad, we would love to attend a spanking party provided the venue is within driving distance, its always nice to try a new venue, seems to change the dynamics in play. We are always up for a good spank.

  2. Hi Rad,
    I deal with this everyday in business. I get clients who are great at what they do and that is why they went into business for themselves. What they do not realize is in running a business you have to work “on” your business not “in it”. Same thing here. It takes a good team to make something work. I seem to enjoy the spanking group parties more. Like FMS. The have several people who run it and take on the different tasks that reflect thier talents.
    I have no problem traveling to FL or NY for a party given by a group that truly enjoys giving the parties. Out here in CA there are many local parties that are fun to attend and some that are not so fun from my opinion. So I just go to the ones that are fun.
    Kiss kiss have a happy!!

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