My Holodeck Adventures

Not for Star Trek® fans only although it doesn’t hurt to know what I’m talking about.

One of the wonderful concepts introduced on Star Trek: The Next Generation was the holodeck – a room that used the SF technology of the transporter and replicator to create any environment including people. The great thing about it was that you could interact with anything as if it was really there. The idea was, of course, overused by the show’s writers to get the crew into all manner of trouble but it was a great idea nevertheless.

Back in my pre-real-life days, when all I could do was fantasize about spanking, it didn’t take long to imagine what would transpire if I was a crew member aboard the Enterprise (NCC-1701D for the geeks). Oh, the debauchery that would take place in that holodeck especially of the spanking variety. But what if anything I imagined could come to pass just by programming it into a computer? What if I could do anything I wanted with no repercussions in the real world?

This sort of goes along with the article I wrote about “extreme” fantasies. If a person could do whatever they wanted, how long before the merely naughty things would not be enough? It’s a tough question to answer. I know there are pretty dark places in my soul that I only touch upon when I write the kind of fiction for my eyes only. But there’s a huge difference between merely writing about a fictional character, no matter what happens to them, and seeing those things happen in front of you especially when you’re doing them.

I fantasize about extreme forms of discipline and punishment – think of the Eastern European videos where all the girls end up severely marked. These sorts of scenes are nearly impossible to do in real life because you are not going to find someone willing to be marked for weeks never mind the pain and health effects of being caned, paddled or whipped that severely. But if could make it happen a la the Star Trek holodeck, it wouldn’t take long until what I was doing got to that level.

How would it make me feel? As much of a “hard ass” as I think I am, I have an annoying level of sympathy for people in pain or who are in trouble (very unseemly for a sadist). Would I walk away from actually doing these things haunted by what I’d done even if it wasn’t real? Right now, I do have an emotional reaction from doing a hard punishment/discipline scene and I can only imagine what actually doing something so extreme would do to me.

That said, I still wish that the holodeck existed – for research purposes only, of course.


5 Responses to “My Holodeck Adventures”

  1. I suspect this won’t be exactly to your taste, Rad, but I recently came across a Holodeck spanking story by Tasha Geller that has an entertaining take on the difficulty of explaining one’s kink to a computer. For Star Trek TNG fans, there’s also a story on that site (Missing Scenes section) in which Ensign Ro gets caned by Picard. “English cane, circa late 19th century, rattan.”

    As for the questions you raise in your post, I would think it would be hard as a top not to be able to talk to a real person after a particularly intense scene was over, to be reassured that this is all fantasy with two (or more!) willing participants.

  2. I fantasize about being spanked hard. Someone is spanking me and won’t stop…and I am bruised and battered…but I love it. I always wonder…WTF?! But…something in me wants/needs/desires that. Would I really love it if it happened? Who knows? But the sadistic fantasy is there in my mind.

  3. carolinegrey Says:

    Oooooh. Star Trek TNG was required viewing in my family when I was a kid, and the holodeck has been a feature of many many fantasies, spanking or just daydreaming, ever since.

    You ask: “Would I walk away from actually doing these things haunted by what I’d done even if it wasn’t real? ” I don’t know you, but I think it would be likely. It’s a fascinating thought-experiment.

    Nobody asked me, but I’d be happy to be spanked or caned by Picard. Or even Warf. (ouch.) Data is a sweet character but I’ve had plenty of android-spanking fantasies (God, I am such a nerd.) so I could make that work. And while I’d take a good one off of Kirk or McCoy any day, my ultimate Star Treck spanker is Spock.

    Okay, now I’ve just written a fan-girl comment and nothing about the real meat of your post. Sorry! I think Nikki Flynn has come the closest to creating her own real life “holodeck” experiences, though of course they are from the victim side.

  4. It ends up being an interesting thought experiment when a person asks themselves what they would be capable of if they could turn even their darkest fantasies into realities. How far would they go?

  5. carolinegrey Says:

    That I meant, though split it two parts:

    1.) What one would be capable of in the holodeck scene at the time.

    2.) How one would deal with what they’d done, later.

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