Machine Like Precision

Although I prefer discipline scenes, I can spank in a variety of ways and headspaces and enjoy them. Except one.

I enjoy playing and enjoy playing with lots of people. Aside from the discipline, whether real or role play, I sometimes spank people who just want to be spanked for no reason at all. Scenes like that are often friendly even if they get physically hard. There’s no veneer on the scene other than these two people want to do what they are doing at that time.

However, there have been a couple of play sessions I’ve done where I’ve felt like nothing more than a robot, mechanically just doing the physical with no underlying theme or emotion. This has usually been at the behest of the bottom although they did not put it that way. I don’t actually know how it gets to that point except that the person I’m playing with lists a bunch of things that they don’t want and by the end of the list, they’ve taken away every single thing that I like to do leaving only the physical. I don’t know if the robotic part of it is merely derived from a fit of pique over not being able to “enjoy” what I’m doing but that’s the way it comes out and I don’t like it one bit.

The fact is that 95% of the time, I am truly enjoying what I’m doing when I play. Some scenes are more enjoyable than others but I enjoy that particular percentage quite a bit. My lack of enjoyment over the remaining five percent is because to me spanking is not just the physical. There might be Tops out there who are so into asses that just smacking one is enough to get them off but I’m not a member of that group. I have to “get into” what I’m doing whether it’s discipline or just a friendly spanking – I have to want to be doing it. Even the non-discipline spankings are not devoid of any emotion just not the depth that the scenes that really get to me provide. I don’t know if I’m making enough of a distinction here but spanking a friend or acquaintance “just because” is different than spanking like a robot because the bottom just wants the sensation with nothing else. The former can be fun, the latter unpleasant.

I like to play so I rarely say “no” – I don’t know if I’ve ever said “no”. Perhaps I should start.


3 Responses to “Machine Like Precision”

  1. Interesting post Rad. You know my stresses with this topic too…and trying to figure out what REALLY works for me and what could POTENTIALLY work for me down the road. For me….i think subconsciously I feel like I deserved to be spanked….even though I don’t carry around a list of transgressions. So even when I do a spanking scene in a sexual context (which to this point is all I’ve ever done) with the right top – I can still get into that “wow I’m really getting what I deserve” headspace. So far there has only been one guy to get me there…..and there is one more that will get me there if we ever play….but for me…the playful spanking just because works too..especially if they are hitting hard enough (I AM a masochist after all…lol) but mostly because I am attracted to the person and I know they are getting off on it and getting turned on. It’s all weird. I would never want to play with someone who didn’t have some sense of why they were spanking me…..i.e. robotic. Not sure what the focus is of a bottom like that……but interesting to think about.

  2. I would think it would be the same concept for a Top as it is for a bottom. A bottom doesn’t usually just want to be viewed as a bottom to spank without any regard for his/her likes and dislikes. I would imagine a Top doesn’t want to just be a spanking machine and wants his/her likes and dislikes taken into account as well.

    Spanking isn’t just about the act, it’s about the people behind the act. The head-space is important (arguable it can be MORE important than the actual act of spanking itself).

  3. Had I known that you RARELY say “no”, I would have asked you to play when I first noticed that brooding countenance at Paddles, Shadow Lane and at Scony. DANG!

    All kidding aside (and in the above sentence, I’m only 1/4th kidding) – I understand where you’re coming from, Rad. I love to play, and if someone asks me, I usually say yes. We discuss what I expect and what they expect, and we Usually come to a mutual agreement. If play is not what I expect or want (color me selfish) then I don’t play with that person again. If they can put me in my/their headspace, then rock on! It’s a dance – we have to find the rhythm, and then things are cool.

    Good post, Rad.

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