Somewhat Disappointing

The play between Sandy and me was good last night. I bent her over a bench, proceeding to spank, strap, paddle and flog her in various states of undress. We both caught our headspace and that was great.

What disappointed me was the turnout for this “celebration” at Paddles. Other than the food and the acknowledgment that it was an anniversary celebration, there did not seem to be a festive attitude at all last night. The crowd was thinner than I had hoped but people did play and go about their business. More of the BDSM crowd last night than the spanking crowd so I didn’t socialize as much as I normally do. For some reason the BDSM crowd doesn’t seem as talkative as the spanking crowd.

I don’t know what can be done to bring the people in to Paddles. Perhaps it’s the price. Perhaps people are finding alternative and private places to play. Perhaps the BDSM and spanking scenes are going through a slow period. Perhaps people want guarantees before shelling out the money (although I don’t know what sort of guarantees people have in any social situation).

I’m starting to have the notion of doing something to help the club considering that the owner, Michael, has always been very decent to Sandy and me and to most of the people who come there. He’s a very stand-up guy. I don’t know if he needs to market the place better or advertise better or whatever. The fact is that the place has some significance for me and I would prefer it to stay around.


10 Responses to “Somewhat Disappointing”

  1. MrCommenter Says:

    You can use this blog to try and gather participants for a “Rad Night” where you select the players, set the rules, provide some other entertainment if necessary, and get a little compensation for your expenses and effort. All club owners in NYC do this.

    It would take some months to accomplish, but at a minimum you would be helping.

  2. Offer you help doll….I’m sure he’d be game for whatever help he can get.

  3. Rad, you guys had a good time. That in itself is something.

    I would love to see the club “clean up” some – have Clorox wipes available (heck – I would provide some!), fix the broken booths, fix the broken loos – give some indication that they CARE about the place. It’s hard to go back month after month when stuff that’s broken remains broken – sometimes for years! I just want a place to go that is safe, fixed, and has a bit of care and respect for it’s patrons.

    That’s my take, for what it’s worth.

  4. I am disappointed that I didn’t get to go, but glad I went and they got my business on Friday night.

  5. Wednesday Says:

    Did this slow period precede the economic downturn? I know that as much as I personally want to support our local space (and have for many years), my priority now is making sure I have enough savings to carry us if my job goes kaput. D is already out of work. I wonder how many other people are in the same boat?

  6. Wednesday Says:

    Sorry–looks like you addressed this in your previous post. I am catching up…

  7. Seeing as I have never been to Paddles, this maybe a totally ridiculous thought.

    Why not organize a Paddles “work” day? Sounds strange, but a bunch of people descending on the place with soap, water, bleach and maybe some paint in the light of day could do the place a world of good. Even making small repairs around.

    One can rightly argue that this is the responsibility of the owners, but, it sounds like they have a loyal customer base that considers it a “home” of sorts. If they owners realize that their customers really care about the place then perhaps they will put the cash up for small fixings. I’m sure they can easily be convinced to put up lunch for the workers, as well as free admission for a couple of months in exchange for “free” labor.

    Yeah, sounds whacko, but it could almost be fun.

  8. Laura: That sounds like a good idea but I wonder why no one has brought it up before? Maybe they have and the owner has said, “Nah”.

  9. Well, if he has then he has. I know people tend to do this more for non profits and charities because well, they always need help. Sometimes it is hard for people with a business to accept gifts/assistance and such. Maybe it is felt that a layer or dozen of crime contributes to the charm of the club.

  10. I have noticed Michael has painted recently – the walls that look like a big spider web, used to be red, they are now black. The hallway has been painted.

    He recently raised the price $5 across the board. I am fine paying $10 to get in and even when I can get the discount, pay full price. I don’t go often and I want it to be there when I want to go.

    I think Laura’s idea isn’t a bad one, but they do have a cleaning lady believe it or not.

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