I don’t know if it’s because of my specialized tastes but I have yet to find spanking fiction that really does it for me. Allow me to riff on this topic in a stream-of-consciousness way.

I know there are lots of good authors out there both professional and amateur. I’ve read some of their works and found them somewhat good but mostly just “OK”. I’m not putting down their skills as writers but I am saying that a lot of what I read really does not do a lot for me (and I’m always searching in the hope of finding what I do like).

My fantasies and those that translate into role play scenarios tend to be disciplinary in theme and usually revolve around things that could be real world except for a slight spanko twist. On the other hand, my preferred reading material (and also those things I write) lean in a more sexual direction with spanking or punishment scenes as part of/leading into harder things or some sort of sexual activity. This is stuff that doesn’t care about community norms or limits and just goes where it goes no matter how odd or disturbing.

I also like a mixture of consensual/non-consensual. For example, I once wrote a bunch of stories set in a juvenile detention facility in some unnamed place. The girls were there and unduring things unwillingly but eventually submitted to a certain “order” within the confines of where they were. Think of a 70s exploitation movie about a women’s prison with more spanking and more sex. I’m sure there are a couple of people reading this that got a little “nudge” out of that idea. Enslaved women stories, which were prevalent in the Victorian era, are also ones I like.

Science fiction and fantasy have always been favorites of mine and I like stories set in those milieus. I don’t mean people who write fanfic about Star Trek except with spanking included (I have no desire to think of Doctor McCoy spanking Spock) – I mean original stuff. I liked the Gor stories when I was younger but they were so badly written (and dull) as to be unreadable to my modern sensibilities. Perhaps like the non-consensual aspect of the “prison” or slave stories, there is a component of this in the SF/F stories where people from one place are transported to another and forced to deal with a whole new society with a whole new set of rules.

The thing that makes glues all of these themes together for me is the element of cruelty. Whereas a disciplinary scene might involve more “loving” discipline, the fiction that I really enjoy is much harsher emotionally – much more sadistic/masochistic. I’ve found that this is harder to come across in the spanking community.


7 Responses to “Fictions”

  1. MrCommenter Says:

    In the age of video there is hardly any market for fiction.

    You’re best bet is to extract the scenes that appeal to you from the videos you can find, and then make your own collection.

  2. Back in my pre real time days (maybe 8 or so years ago) I read on line stories voraciously. They seemed oh so exciting. A few years and lots of spankings later, the same stories fell flat. And most were not well written at all. (Things I paid little attention to when my mind was working overtime thinking about spanking).

    They all seem to take on the same plot/theme. Basically pick a time/era, add romance, DD and sex. Guy meets girl. Girl/guy flirt. Guy spanks girl. Girl hates guy. Girl changes her mind. Happily ever after with spankings galore. Generalization, yes, but that seems to be the plot of most.

  3. Mr. C: But I like to make the pretty pictures inside my own head. Besides, most of the plotlines I’m talking about could not be done with the sorts of shoestring budgets that you find in spanking or fetish vids.

    Laura: It’s tough to find the kind of things I like – I’d write them myself if it didn’t require so much work.

  4. Work is not such a bad thing doll….someone recently mentioned something to me about erotic lit….I bet there’s a market for your stories as well….just sayin…

  5. I’m on the opposite side of this. I’d much rather read a good story then watch a video. Granted, I haven’t seen lots and lots of of spanking videos but the ones I’ve seen are terrible. Books have so much more plot. Once again it just proves “each to their own”.

  6. Rad, I’m going to email you a story that my friend Gwynne wrote – it’s cruel, it’s punishment, it’s sexual…and I loved it. I happen to think she is an amazing author…but you be the judge.

    By the way, I agree with Lynn (Hi Lynn!). I would much rather read a good story than watch a video…but what do you expect from one who lives in a library?

  7. Rad? As soon as I can find the %#@*&^%! story, I will email it to you. As do most things, it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace.

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