Enough Money To Go Around

I was reading Wednesday’s blog about the tough economic times hitting her and wondered how the spanking scene was being affected by these hard times.

Let’s face it, money is tight these days for a lot of people. I recently reconfigured my own expenses to get rid of nearly 60 bucks a month (and I’m not finished yet). I have not bought a CD, DVD or piece of software in a long time and don’t plan on doing so any time soon. Sandy and I have started curbing things like dinners out or getting take-out. Can’t remember the last live concert I saw. Times are tough.

When it comes to scene expenses, it often seems to me like a strange mixture of luxury item and necessity. We both like socializing in the spanking community by going to parties or the club and those things cost money -it’s just a matter of cutting out other things to afford the ones we really want. To others, the expense of doing so many scene related things might seem frivolous but we enjoy being active in the community so we do it.

I also wonder what this economy does for the folks who have businesses that provide goods and services for the spanking and BDSM communities. Video producers, implement makers, party hosts – all of these companies have to be feeling the pinch. Some of the video producers seem to have gone to a monthly subscription service that provides online access to content. Although a very streamlined system that does not require any manufacturing of DVDs, I wonder how many subscriptions are necessary to cover the monthly overhead as well as the cost of production of the videos.

I know that in hard times, things that bring people pleasure are often the last to go but is that enough? What will the spanking community look like a year from now? Less video producers? Fewer clubs or parties? Fewer people going out and getting involved because of cost? I know for most folks it’s the least of their concerns but that doesn’t stop me from wondering.


8 Responses to “Enough Money To Go Around”

  1. carolinegrey Says:

    Since we have to leave the country to attend a true “spanking” event, it certainly will be hitting us. (ba dum dum) We have all the toys we need at the moment, but my ebay schoolgirl costume vice has had to come to an end.

    Luckily, like all the best things in life, a good spanking is free. Well, unless you to to pros. And it’s hard to tighten your belt if you’re always having to take your pants down. (ba dum dum!)

    Shameless plug…I finally started my own blog… http://gettingitgood.blogspot.com/

    Blogger, also, is free. Yay!

  2. It’s hard for everyone. I get up each day and wonder how in the hell things can get worse…and they always do. I wonder what it would be like to be filthy rich with old money – not tied up i the stock market. I will never know…….

  3. Barb: Wish I had “old” money or “any” money. BTW, have been reading your blog – get working on that erotic novel.

  4. I wish I had a ton of money. Then I could do more than my once yearly foray to the US to get my bottom warmed. From where I live, it’s a long way to get anywhere. In the meantime, I have to just sock money away from every paycheque so I can afford to go away on a spanking vacation once a year. I live in fear that airfares are going to skyrocket.

  5. I feel bad for those who are closer to retirement age. Their 403b’s and 401k plans must have taken huge hits in the recent months. The amount of greed exhibited by the good (ahem) folks at Lehmann Brothers is confounding. Ooh, we are going bankrupt, quick, let’s circle the wagons and pay off the execs. Amazing the balls that took.

    For Joel and I, it means sucking up and really looking at each purchase we make. Which in the long run isn’t a bad thing. We are trying to get ready for Christmas and get some shopping done now, so that can be spread out over a couple of months.

    We could be in much worse shape than some. Concerning for me is that we are experiencing a prolonged low census in the Neonatal Unit. Great for the babies. We normally staff with 17 or 18 people and are now working with 10. We are staying home one or 2 days a pay period and either taking no pay or using benefit time.

    What happened in giving bonuses only when a company was doing well? Oh well. I’m already seeing more panhandlers in the streets.

  6. off-topic but responding to Laura… I have to wonder if the declaine in the neonatal census is related to a reduction in infertility treatment. Babies are expensive and babies for people who don’t conceive easily are more so. Although there is presumably a 9-month time lag in such things, I still have to wonder if people were cutting back on non-essentials that long ago.

    I’m concerned about my job by the end of the year, honestly. But Chris’s is pretty safe.


  7. Sparkle,

    The hospital I work at is in a middle to upper class area. Allegedly our admmission numbers are the same, but we are getting kids out of there faster, not having quite the number of really small premies (which is great for the premies, really). I know with IVF patients, the number of embryos put in is usually 3 at the max. We are seeing less triplets for sure. The neonatal units throughout the metro Chicago area seem to be experiencing simliar trends.

    Hope things work out the best for you. It is kind of scary out there.

    Oh, and sorry Rad for this OT post.

  8. Laura: My whole fucking life is “off topic” – one more post on this blog won’t make a bit of difference.

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