Now That’s What I’m Talking About

A great time last night at OTK Night and at Paddles.

Things started a little bit off due to a massive traffic jam getting into Manhattan which turned a 40 minute ride into a two hour one. I think that sinny, the woman that usually runs the OTK Night munch, got stuck in it as well because she never made it in.

The OTK crowd was a little small but it just gave people more room to play. I was afraid before getting there that I would not have the mental energy to be able to do anything but that fear did not materialize. I gave Sandy a good bare bottom spanking with my hand, a narrow leather paddle and the hairbrush. A good way to start things. Then a couple of more hard handspankings to people I enjoy playing with before finally giving Sandy a hard strapping – punishing her just because I felt like it. I was mean.

I also got to meet someone who came into town who I’ve only communicated with in chat or on message boards – we didn’t get to play but it was fun to just hang out and talk.

Later on the regular Paddles crowd arrived and the place became more lively which is good to see – I want Paddles to be around for a long time.

Special note about one Domme I saw: She was wearing what looked like an ersatz Nazi outfit (no swastikas though) and a tough, determined expression all night. I’ve seen her a bunch of times at the club and have always been curious about her because of that single-minded look on her face. I don’t want to insult her but I’d certainly be interested in having a conversation one Top to another. Maybe next time.


2 Responses to “Now That’s What I’m Talking About”

  1. Last night was fun, Rad. I left before ten, but I agree that I want Paddles to be around for a long time.

  2. It was a good OTK albeit quiet. I heard Sinny had to go to her grandsons christening.

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